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UR Raid Week in Review – 2012 Week Three

25man Team Conquers Spine!


25 Man Progress

Wednesday night, raid formed up and my computer started lagging bad.  By the time I was summoned to Dragon Soul, my Vent was stuttering and my ping was over 900.  I tried to help through Morchok and Zon’ozz, but I spent most of both fights at 1 FPS.  I even died to the Black Blood.  ><  Partway through the Zon’ozz fight my screen froze and stayed froze.  So I Alt+F4’d and started running some anti-virus/anti-spyware programs.

The furthest I got was to figure out there was indeed Spyware, and the program I was using was NOT removing it.  <sad face>

Our 25man group killed up to Blackhorn and made four attempts on Spine of Deathwing.

Thursday night, I was actually home early, after spending the day in training.  So I logged onto WoW, and within the first minute I was logged in my ping jumped into the several hundreds.  Soon the screen froze and my computer locked up.  I text’d my friend and asked him what else I could do.  He told me to bring it by and he would clean it up.  Yay!  After about two hours of downloading, installing and running stuff, my computer was squeaky clean.  Of course, in the meantime, he reprimanded me for using Norton, not blowing out the dust recently and several other minor items that offend his IT-snobbery.

I rushed home, thanking the WoW gods that I have not shut off my Android Armory so I could tell everyone in guild chat that I would be a few late.

There were a few others running late, and the raid did the second half of LFR first.  Then, we after progressively better attempts we got our 25man Spine kill!  Yay!

WoL – 1/18/12

WoL – 1/19/12

10 Man Progress

Now that we have a guild kill for Madness of Deathwing in 10man, the goal is to get the kill for everyone who would like it.  So there has been a rotating of group members for the 10man, and Sunday I sat out and cheered everyone on.  For some reason, they got down Spine but not Madness.

However, I did go Monday night, and we downed Madness, and then we worked on Heroic Bastion of Twilight – gaining kills on Halfus and Theralion and Valiona.  Woohoo!  Both took a moderate amount of adjustment but were fairly easily conquered.

WoL – 1/15/12

WoL – 1/16/12

Effy’s Gear

No upgrades this week, but I remembered to buy the stupid shoulder enchant finally.  Go me!  😛

Raid Performance

25 Man

Spine – Since this is the only 25man fight I participated in this week, I feel it is the only one I can make comment on.

The 25man version of Spine seems more difficult than 10man – if nothing else just because there is so much going on.  At first, the DPS seemed divided and distracted, and the Burning Tendons and strangles were not taking the damage they should.  After a few tries, the DPS cleaned up and Lissanna made a fascinating suggestion that I feel contributed greatly to our kill.  She mentioned the Searing Plasma debuff that needed healing.  The next attempt I started watching the debuff on the oh-so convenient DBM bars – bingo!

10 Man

Madness – I am not entirely sure what went on with the 10man group on Sunday night.  When I joined up with everyone Monday night, we got Deathwing on the second try.  And this time – we won with more than just tanks alive.  lol

My Performance

Both Spine and Madness are about patience and pacing and timing CDs.  Once I get those down, both fights are pretty easy to heal.  It is merely a matter of making sure I stay focused and avoid “panic healing.”  In fact, with that in mind, it does not surprise me too much that each week requires one “practice” run and then a a kill – since the players are different.  In 25man, it would not be real noticeable, but in 10man it is.


Must do more Heroics!  I am so anxious to start DS Heroics!

Final Thoughts

Missing a raid because of my computer was very disheartening.  I am going to be even more proactive about keeping it “healthy” and virus-free.  And now that I have my W-2’s, it is time to do my taxes and find out how much I am getting back, so I can upgrade my computer.  😀

If anything does happen to my desktop again, I know have an adapter to hook my monitor up to my laptop.  Even though my desktop is back to running great, I should hook it up, just cuz I am fairly curious to see how the laptop would raid.  It never stutters doing anything while tagging with my other account.  But still, it would be interesting to see.

~ Effy


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