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Secret Hideaway

Somehow this beautiful waterfall missed my IntPiPoMo posts!

I found the most peaceful place today, and I think it will be Effy’s hideaway.

I blame my guildie Poneria 😉 because of her recent post connected to her reply to my Raider Challenge – After the Raids – she also posted a bit about where she goes to chillax.  I was not even looking for a relaxation spot – I was looking for someplace to take a screenshot of my DK, since her character screen background skews coloring and washes it out with a blue tinge.

The email request I sent to all of my fellow raiders in Undying Resolution - this is the repost I put on our guild forums.

Aesadonna also made a great response!

Not all of my guildies have blogs, but if anymore of them post responses to my request on their own, I will be sure to make comment of that here.

Anyway, back to my purpose for this post:  Secret Hideaways!

The spot I discovered, I know I have been over it before, but somehow I never realized just how nice and peaceful it is.


At the top of the waterfall is a cozy little house with a gnome and a flock of sheep.  Among the white and black sheep is one strange sheep that does not quite look like the rest…

What an odd looking sheep...

I got the crazy idea that perhaps there was loot to be had off the strange sheep.  I was greeted by a great explosion that knocked me back, almost right off the cliff, and fried several of the nearest sheep.  Ooops.  The gnome inside the house, Agee Tyler, was none too happy either.  He came out and yelled at me:

“HEY!  What the heck, guy?!  Of all the slimy, inconsiderate, bullheaded…”

Then, he went back to his spot, sitting in front of the fireplace in his cottage.  I cowered with my Ghostwolf tail between my legs for a moment, before I realized that was the extent of his rage…

Strange lil gnome...

Aside from the crazy gnome, it is a peaceful place.  And I suppose that as long as I leave his robo-sheep alone, he leaves me alone.

At the bottom of the waterfall there is a second place to relax – in case I feel like camping.  🙂

Ahh, time to go camping!

The other nice part about this spot?  It is very close to Stormwind.  Here is the view from the hill, where you can see the top of the tallest spire of Stormwind Castle.

Stormwind from a Distance.

Hope you liked my lil hidey place!  I hope to find some more.  🙂

~ Effy



  1. I love this spot too… it’s where one of my druids is currently holidaying while I’m away from the game 🙂 Lovely shots of it!

    • Thanks, Angelya! 🙂 I have flown over this spot so many times, and I do not think I had ever noticed it previously.

      ~ Effy

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