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One Woman, Two Timelines, Two Destinies.

One Woman, Two Timelines, Two Destinies



This post may very well lead to a revision of my About page.  Perhaps you have noticed the tagline on my Blog changed – it changed from something generic about me RP’ing through WoW (god, I cannot even remember what it said heh) to the same as this post’s title:

One Woman, Two Timelines, Two Destinies

When I first began this Blog, my Shaman was was slowly fading into obscurity as I was no longer raiding with her and I had moved to Wyrmrest Accord to dabble with RP and see about starting over.

One of my first first flashes of inspiration was to “kill off” my Shaman.

For my entire MMO history up to this point, I had always been mainly a healer.  With how much I enjoyed playing my DK, and being able to start on a fresh server with a character already level 55 and better able to move around and make some cash, I figured a DK was my best bet for a main character.  Add to that the fact that even when I played my Priest, Sifaol, as my main, everyone still called my Effy and I had grown quite fond of it – even over my previous pseudonym of Rosaelyn/Rosa/Rosy – I decided to name her Effraeti.

It was as I was going through the DK starting zone that I realized: wow, what if this is still my original Effy?  What if she is the one who died and was resurrected into the Lich King’s service?  After the time I spent in Northrend, and my first ever real end raid kill being the Lich King, Effy’s story felt at home there (and probably why I still run around in her T10).

And so was born the idea that in turn bore this Blog.

As I continue with my Blog, my DK has never made it to my Level 85 main (she currently sits at a frustrated Level 78, shuddering at the idea of PvP’ing to 80 with the Cata-twinked masses because my ambition to tank has lately been lacking).  My Shaman has had the dust blown off and she is once again a raider.  I am happy in my guild and with my Shaman.

So relating that to my Blog – how on Azeroth did that all come about??  I killed Effy – she is an undead.  How can she still be a Shaman?  Sure, I could have left my Blog being about my DK, but what sense would that make when I am regularly raiding with my Shaman?  I spend too much time focusing on raids and gear and gemming and enchants in regards to her to completely ignore her on my Blog.

And that brought to life the idea of Effy’s “split personality.”

For fear of tipping my hat before I am truly ready, I do not want to get too much deeper into this line of thought.  Let us just say that my recent short story Split Personality is the first part of a story related both to this new direction of my Blog and the in-game email requests that I sent to my fellow raiders.

So my namesake is now two women: Effy and Effraeti.

Effy, the Shaman

Effy is basically me.  Her moods, emotions, reactions – all these are based on my own, with perhaps some slight tweaking, but mostly Effy is a conglomeration of “In X situation, what would I do?” and “What would be more story-line interesting than my initial reaction?”

  • Effy is a planner.  She prefers when things go according to schedule.  (Which happens when?? even IRL??)  So lack of planning and disruption to pre-made plans tend to lead her to some frustration.
  • Effy is a perfectionist.  This comes out in her healing, especially.  As far as she is concerned, her job is to keep her friends alive, and when she fails at that she can be very hard on herself.
  • Effy is an introvert.  She can be very shy and unsure of herself at first, but once she becomes familiar with someone, she opens right up.
  • Effy is an open-book.  She wears her heart on her sleeve and her emotions plain on her face.  For this reason, she is a horrible liar, even when trying to do so to spare someone’s feelings.  For this reason, she tends to be bluntly honest most of the time.
  • Effy is fiercely loyal.  She gives her all for those she loves, to the exclusion of her own needs at times.
  • Effy is a dreamer and a romantic.  She enjoys quiet time to herself, reading and writing, enjoying nature and the love of her life, Lazheward.

Effraeti, the DK

Effraeti (who prefers to remain aloof and impersonal by using her full name and never nicknames) is what I would consider myself to become if I were completely broken emotionally.  Effraeti is an anti-hero – she still retains her memories of being “good” and Light-driven, but she uses less tactful means to accomplish her goals.  For Effraeti, I consider my own reaction and twist it, view it from other perspectives.

  • Effraeti is a lost soul, wandering and searching for her purpose.
  • Effraeti is blunt and to the point.  She speaks her mind with little preamble or regard for how her words may be taken.
  • Effraeti is fearless and reckless.  She is already dead and she feels she has nothing else to lose.  In fact, a second death would be most welcome, as she has no idea why it is she continues on.  Yet, somehow, Effraeti cannot lay down and give up.  She feels a pressing need to continue on, even though it be into the unknown.
  • Effraeti has been cauterized of her emotions.  Undeath has silenced everything that was happy, sad or hopeful – all that remains to her is indifference and a cold rage.
  • Effraeti is Undead.  She requires no food, no drink, no breath, no sleep.  But somehow the memory of these things have not left her and she has a tendency to indulge in them mechanically.
  • Effraeti keeps her own council.  After being brutally bent to the will of the Lich King – engaging in horrific deeds she never would have done even in Undeath on her own – she internalizes, remaining aloof and ever wary of those who might seek to control her.

In Conclusion

I thought about putting a short story here, something picking up where Split Personality left off.  But that will wait for now, I think .  I have a good number of draft posts floating around at the moment, something that bothers me greatly – posts screaming for viewers and me telling them, “No, you are not ready!”

I realize this may sound like it completely breaks all the Rules of Cynwise, but I assure you – these drafts are merely collections of brain-dumps at the moment.  No sentences, just three or so word ideas and links to what inspired them.  Most of them were added last night in a rush of, “OMG, that is a great post idea!”

~ Effy


  1. Kind of spooky. There were no comments on my blog the last I looked so I decided to read Split Personality Part 1 before I had to get back to work. Made one last check on comments and you had commented while I was reading Split Personality!

    Looking forward to Part 2!

    • I am looking forward to it too! Thanks, Ancient!

      ~ Effy


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