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2012 in 2012

So in line with my wish to feel accomplished and follow something resembling a New Year’s Resolution, I have decided to take up the challenge laid down by JD Kenada of Amateur Azerothian and participate in his 2012 in 2012 Challenge.

I love this, because it gives me a legitimate reason to level wee toons!

I have two accounts, but it was discussed that as long as I keep my participating toons to 50 or less than that is still okie.  I agree that it would be unfair to use my total available toons (50 per account) to some sort of advantage.

This whole leveling challenge has me debating the “Bucket List” that seems to be floating around the WoW blogging community.  But I am resisting.  Must… not… overload… myself…  ><

2012 in 2012 Challenge – My Characters as of 1/23/2012

I did some quick math.  2012 levels equals about 24 Level 85 characters.  So if I got everyone of my Elune characters to 85, I would only need to level 4 more 85’s.  Of course, I can accomplish this with lower toons also.

I think this gives me an excuse to level some Horde toons.  They will not fit on Elune, though.  Any ideas?  🙂


  1. Effraeti (Draenei Shaman) Level 85 <—- My Main
  2. Effræti (Draenei Death Knight) Level 78-50=28
  3. Sifaol (Worgen Priest) Level 85
  4. Caeridwen (Night Elf Death Knight) Level 85
  5. Lazheward (Draenei Paladin) Level 85
  6. Vaadaree (Draenei Hunter) Level 85
  7. Solaes (Night Elf Druid) Level 85
  8. Lycaohn (Worgen Rogue) Level 80
  9. Rosælyn (Night Elf Druid) Level 40
  10. Skeiron (Night Elf Hunter) Level 25
  11. Æthelwúlf (Worgen Warlock) Level 19
  12. Kiiræ (Draenei Mage) Level 6

Wyrmrest Accord

  1. Brizaeyl (Night Elf Priest) Level 78
  2. Vaadaree (Draenei Paladin) Level 70
  3. Gaeladrial (Worgen Druid) Level 40
  4. Amaeris (Worgen Hunter) Level 35
  5. Rosaelyn (Night Elf Druid) Level 30
  6. Skeiron (Night Elf Hunter) Level 28
  7. Maeyv (Human Mage) Level 12
  8. Kiirae (Draenei Mage) Level 11
  9. Ahyzrael (Draenei Shaman) Level 5


  1. Aerora (Draenei Paladin) Level 82
  2. Maeyv (Draenei Priest) Level 62
  3. Azzurro (Draenei Warrior) Level 62
  4. Rosaelyn (Night Elf Druid) Level 54
  5. Maestus (Worgen Rogue) Level 10
  6. Brizaeyl (Night Elf Mage) Level 7
  7. Brownee (Gnome Mage) Level 5
  8. Horde – Eír (Blood Elf Priest) Level 11

Aerie Peak

  1. Toggel (Gnome Warrior) Level 11
  2. Wingnuht (Gnome Priest) Level 10

Argent Dawn

  1. Effraeti (Draenei Shaman) Level 6
  2. Lazheward (Draenei Paladin) Level 6

Sisters of Elune

  1. Vaadaree (Draenei Paladin) Level 5
  2. Brizaeyl (Night Elf Priest) Level 5

Moon Guard

  1. Horde – Caerise (Blood Elf Paladin) Level 8


  • 1361/2012 Levels!
  • To accomplish at least two of each class, I need a second warlock.  The other classes all seem to have appropriate coverage.
  • Remember anymore DKs require a deduction of 50 levels, so they are hardly beneficial to this challenge.

I will be keeping everyone up to date here on my Blog!

~ Effy


  1. JD Kenada

    Welcome…have a complimentary (straight) jacket!


    • lol Another 1000 or so levels, and I may take you up on that! 😉

      ~ Effy

  2. :O 24 level 85s…

    24 of them..

    Well, best of luck with that!

    • hehe Thanks, Angelya! Yah, it is a LOT of levels. 😛

      ~ Effy


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