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For Erinys

I received a few replies already to my post today The Fashionista.  One of the replies was from Erinys of the Harpy’s Nest.

Suggestions on something for a female dwarf warlock would be appreciated. She’s got the greyish skin tone and the plaits which boing in the air whilst casting. Was thinking either red/orange, something bright but haven’t had time to hunt myself. Definitely not tier though, oh and the hat can’t hide her hair. 😀

So here is the outfit I put together for Erinys.  I hope you like it!

~ Effy

Female Dwarf Warlock - Front

Female Dwarf Warlock - Back



  1. Ty very much. I love that robe skin.

    • I am also fond of that robe, and I enjoyed farming the Demonic Runes to craft one (AKA running, arms flailing, through Dire Maul East while Holy Nova’ing all the things!). 😀

      ~ Effy

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