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For Navimie

I received a few replies already to my post today The Fashionista.  One of the replies was from Navimie of the Daily Frostwolf.

What would you recommend for a leather wearing female Tauren? I am looking for something… brawly, not quite piratey, but slightly thug like.

So here is the outfit I put together for Navimie, sorry I do not have a Tauren to model.  I hope you like it!

~ Effy

Female Druid - Front

Female Druid - Back



  1. Omg Ty Effy! That’s so cool! I am going to go look for those things, I love it.

    • Oh, I am soo glad you like it! I think the outfit and the color scheme will look great on a Tauren! ❤

      ~ Effy

  2. OMG this stuff is hard to farm! I still haven’t got any yet and none on AH 😦

    • Oh no! 😦

      I thought these would be pretty easy pieces, as I find all of them fairly frequently on the AH, and had all of them on Solaes when I put the outfit together. However, I have noticed a similar lack of transmog items on Horde Eonar, where my Tauren Pally now is, and the other day a friend mentioned farming rares to try and get the Bard’s Boots – of which I have several pairs and sell great on Elune! :/

      Apparently, I need to replicate myself on several other realms, and get the transmog market picked up!

      Further proof that everyone just needs to come play with me on Elune. 😀

      ~ Effy

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