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Some may recall one of my 20 Days posts all about the outfits I have been putting together for my toons that I published recently.  Well since that post, I have race changed both my Druid and my DK (Caeridwen) to Night Elves.  Here is Solaes, who has also changed a few pieces – I changed to sandals because I love how they look on Night Elves, I recently got some PvP upgrades, and I changed her chest piece because it matches better.

While I was on vacation over the Christmas holiday, I discovered the AH.

No, I do not mean I had never previously used the Auction House, but I have never really utilized it fully.  I have never really felt I had a niche – I can only bring myself to farm when I have a specific goal (ie. a piece I want to craft, or needing more pots or elixirs for raiding), I am a horrible packrat (I might use those Dark Iron Residue and level 20 healing pots someday!) and I tend to stockpile cloth, low enchantment mats and rep items (most of which have been left behind in each of my server moves) rather than sell them.

One thing that I picked up on and ran with when I was playing on an RP server was making outfits to suit my characters.  That was truly where my screenshot obsession started – character pics!  At that time, the RP gear was only useful to run around in Stormwind or a similar city with, since it did little to help you in a dungeon, battleground or while questing.  Even my DK would have had a tough time tanking in her Darkcrest Set.  But my packrat side was in full swing and even my low level characters had banks full of cool looking random armor pieces – from quests or dungeons or random drops.

I started to become familiar with certain sets I was fond of.  On Wyrmrest Accord, I acquired a large amount of such items.

Lazheward has full Lawbringer, Conqueror’s and Bloodscale sets, even though I will probably never let him be seen in them now that he is male.  My Night Elf Hunter, Skeiron, is decked out in a combination of Bandit and Scouting gear.  My Worgen Hunter, Amaeris, is sporting a questing set that is similar to the Glyphed SetGaeladrial is wearing a set from questing in Western Plaguelands.  And then there is Maeyv, who is using gear that would not even work for transmogging.  😦  But I am slowly gathering together the alternate, transmoggable pieces, some are already on Sifaol (who looks funny in that outfit as a Worgen).

When I transferred to Elune, I made sure to bring a good deal of these pieces with me.  One of my first days on vacation, I marched Solaes into the Auction House, and listed a good chunk of them.  Once they were listed, I started looking for other items – items I knew would sell better because their attractive skin – to both flip and keep for myself.  I setup my 2nd account (the one Solaes is on) to be my massive banking/auctioning/storing place.  DK Effy holds all the plate sets I like, Skeiron has all the mail sets, Solaes has all the leather sets and Æthelwulf has all the cloth.  My lil Mage, Kiiræ, is my everything else banker.

I banked 30k on her between that first day (after having to start her off with a 1k loan from another toon) and going back to work – which has grown to 40k now.  I have never in my whole time playing WoW ever had more than 5k all at once, and that is between all my toons.  Usually if I needed something, it was a matter of cleaning out all of my other toons.  :/

I am using Auctionator.  It is a far better addon than the Auctioneer I swore by for so long.  Auctionator lets me setup Shopping Lists – so I have one for each armor type and a random piece list.  Each evening when I get online, I run down the lists and pickup items I think I can sell for more than the 1-30g I usually find them for.  Then, on Friday night, I list everything.

That makes for exciting times logging onto my Druid.  🙂

I am now so familiar with many of the sets that I am adjusting my characters one piece at a time.  “Oh, this would match just a little bit better than that…”  And I am also finding myself hard pressed to not make suggestions to others.

About a week ago, I mentioned to our guild Shadowpriest that his Avatar helm and shoulders would look really good with the Aurora Robe.  He excitedly agreed, but unfortunately, he and I have been watching the AH since then with no luck.  I feel so bad!

I have moved away from feeling confined into making an outfit out of all set pieces, and I am moving towards building them around pieces I like.

Solaes is a great example of this.

In fact, I could use a good challenge.  Anyone who is interested in building a set for their character, please let me know.  Give me something to go on, even just a color, and I will see what I can put together.  🙂

~ Effy

Solaes Hanging Out Over the Dwarf Bank, Where I Can Usually Be Found



  1. Love the sandals, in fact the whole ensemble looks awesome.

    “Anyone who is interested in building a set for their character, please let me know. Give me something to go on, even just a color, and I will see what I can put together.”

    Suggestions on something for a female dwarf warlock would be appreciated. She’s got the greyish skin tone and the plaits which boing in the air whilst casting. Was thinking either red/orange, something bright but haven’t had time to hunt myself. Definitely not tier though, oh and the hat can’t hide her hair 😀

    • Thanks for the response, Erinys!

      My first thought is the Sanguine Robe (with Stonecloth Britches, to utilize the cut-away) as a start to a Warlock outfit. However, I am curious how this would look on a female Dwarf, so I will look into that tonight. The Sanguine Robe is pretty rare, so a few others I think would be a good alternate outfit starter are the Doomsayer’s Robe (from a Badlands quest) and the Cindercloth Robe, which should be cheap and easy to obtain (especially if you have a Tailor).

      I will fiddle with some accessories later tonight.

      ~ Effy

  2. I’m taking you up on that challenge as well. I just sent you an email with some ideas, character pic and an idea from my mage Chuckem. I can’t wait!!!

    • I am contemplating this currently. I notice you are a Bloof Elf and a Fire Mage, so I am steering towards a red outfit. I love the Tirisfal (T5) hood, and I think an outfit revolving around that would be spectacular.

      The ideas are flowing. I need to log on so I can start putting things together, though!

      ~ Effy

  3. That was supposed to say armory link, not idea for the second time, lol. I guess I was too excited.

  4. The sandals do look good!
    Oooh, I’ll take you up on that challenge!
    What would you recommend for a leather wearing female Tauren? I am looking for something… brawly, not quite piratey, but slightly thug like.

    • When you said “thug-like” I immediately thought Glyphed (Blue), Tracker’s (Green) or Swashbuckler’s (Red). The nice part about the Swashbuckler’s is the fancy matching eyepatch! Do you have a color preference? I can mix up some pieces from there. 🙂

      ~ Effy

  5. Before I head off to bed I just wanted to say I really enjoyed putting together these outfits. I hope you all like them. I tried to make them fairly easy to collect. Out of the whole thing there is only one Tier piece and that is Chuckem’s Cowl, but that is a very unique piece.

    Enjoy, everyone! 🙂

    ~ Effy

  6. Effraeti,

    Draccus is currently gearing up his tier13 Balance spec with duo role pieces filling in for Resto. The un-Mogged look at the moment reminds me of something between a competitive bicyclist and someone that fall asleep in Zangamarsh with fungal growth going on. Here is an armory link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/kaelthas/Draccus/simple Needless to say I am deeply wanting a quality Mogg Makeover.

    I have come across the site http://wowroleplaygear.com/ as a very helpful tool in seeing what I might want to do with a characters appearance. However, I am torn between wanting a look similar to http://www.wowhead.com/itemsets?filter=na=malorne;ta=12 & the very primal earthy look of http://www.wowhead.com/itemsets?filter=na=malorne;ta=12. Did not know if you knew of any good suggestions or other ways to Mogg me into something other then a walking mushroom of destruction.

    As I tell my stylist when I go to get a cut. You do good work, I trust you. Lets make something wonderful happen. Thanks for any help and vision you might have.


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