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20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge: Day 19 – In My Bags

Effy's Bags

Day 19 – In My Bags

Effy is my main and my raider, so it is not too surprising she has a more cluttered backpack than many of my toons.  But cluttered or not, I am quite a fiend when it comes to backpack organization.  I used to have a near panic attack whenever I would farm ore on my ex’s toon and had to witness the organization (or lack thereof) in his backpack.  It always struck me as strange, because he is obsessively organized IRL.

So my backpack starts at the bottom right, always.

  1. Hearthstone – a necessity to always carry.
  2. Profession Items – fishing poles and profession hats in Effy’s case, but also mining picks, jewelry kits, skinning knives, etc. on other toons with professions requiring such items.
  3. Buff Food, Flasks, Mana Water, Bandages – go neatly next.
  4. Dust of Disappearance – usually I have more, I am slacking.
  5. Fufu/Shapeshift Items – Romantic Picnic Basket, Mushroom Chair, Leyara’s Locket, Orb of the Sin’dorei, Lifegiving Seed, Titanium Seal of Dalaran, Gnomeregan Pride (so proud of this, since it is my only really cool item that is unavailable).
  6. Archaelogy Tablets – for my whopping 100 or so Archaelogy!
  7. Empty Flasks – useful for making potions and elixirs on the fly.  You never know!
  8. Valiant’s Seals – One of these days I will do Argent Crusade dailies again…
  9. Emerald Acorn – For some Icecrown quest…
  10. Red Rose – a gift from my ex – why the hell is that still in there?  :/
  11. Vibrant Alchemist Stone – for transmuting.
  12. Shiny Fish Scales – for when I am in Ele and I do not have Water Breathing glyphed.
  13. Amani Hex Sticks – Woops, I should use those someday.
  14. Darkmoon Adventurer’s Guide – I still do not trust those carnies, but free stuffs for carrying this around?  Okie…
  15. Erm, Quest Item? – I dunno what that other book is.  :/  Something for DMF.
  16. Rope Pet Leash – which I have used once, the day I bought it.  heh
  17. Embersilk Cloth – for as I collect it.  Once I get a stack, it goes to my Priest, the Tailor.
  18. Chaos Orbs – yay for not being BoP anymore!  I use these on my LW’er, BS and Tailor.
  19. DMF Stuff – items for the once per Faire quests and Tokens.
  20. Mana Pots – Uhm, why are you not where you should be?!  With all my food and elixirs…
  21. No idea what recipe that is, but I imagine it needs to go to my bank toon or hopefully I would have sent it to the appropriate crafter already.
  22. Renowned Guild Tabard – which, if I ever remembered to wear it, likely would have me at Exalted with UR by now.
  23. Two Pets Effy Already Has – what to do, what to do…?
  24. Rumsey Rum – fished up on the DMF isle, I believe, and I think that is where the two pots next to it came from, maybe.
  25. PvP Items – for when I am in the mood to get horribly frustrated on my Shaman.
  26. Heroic Tier Chest From BoT – too bad it is super meh.
  27. Theralion’s Mirror (Heroic) – I know a number of people who would have beat me up for this AND my lunch money two Tiers ago (and probably last Tier too).
  28. Erm, Some DMF Quest Item – God!  You guys are totally filling my bag with crap!  Even if you all are NOT involved with some Old God like I imagine you are, you are evil just for making me lug around all your crap!
  29. Oh, and a modest amount of money.  Most of my money stays on my bank toons, though, just so I am less likely to be caught up in an “Ooooohh, Shiny!” moment.

Damn, my backpack is a mess!  It does not usually have that make crap in it, I swear.  :/

~ Effy



  1. I have no idea why but I love to look in other people’s bags. I look and go, Oh, me too! I used my Rope Pet Leash only once too, but you never know when you’ll need it. And my hunter always carries a stack of Lifegiving Seeds.

    • I am curious about the bags of others, but I am afraid my OCD could not handle it. As it was, I was fretting over wanting to organize my backpack while I was writing this post. 😛

      ~ Effy

  2. Ellori

    I’m sure you know this already, but there are some bag addons that autoarrange your bag for you, or make them look neat. 🙂 I use those so I can dump stuff in my bag any which way and it will still be organized when I look.

    • Yes, I appreciate the heads-up! I have played with some, and they have a tendency to set off my OCD too, as I am very controlling about where things go, apparently to the point of having to do it myself. 😛

      Thanks for checking out my Blog!

      ~ Effy

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