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For Draccus

I received a few replies already to my post The Fashionista.  One of the replies was from Draccus of A Druid’s Doodling.

The un-Mogged look at the moment reminds me of something between a competitive bicyclist and someone that fall asleep in Zangamarsh with fungal growth going on… I am torn between wanting a look similar to (the Malorne Set) & the very primal earthy look of (??). Did not know if you knew of any good suggestions or other ways to Mogg me into something other then a walking mushroom of destruction.

So here is the outfit I put together for Draccus.  I would have switched to a male Night Elf for display purposes, but Solaes just looked so cuuutttee!  🙂  I hope you like it!

~ Effy

Druid Caster - Front

Druid Caster - Back



  1. Thank you so much! Great combination of both the two Druid sets with your personal touch. All I can say is let the farming begin! Lots of Hyjal and Black Temple farming in the near future. Good thing older encounters are doable with a few people.

    Really love the guide. Wonderful!

    • Glad you like it! 😀

      I am still trying to figure out which set you were referring to with “primal earthy look,” but I think the three Tier sets I pulled from made for a very earthy and animalistic combination. I usually try to stay away from too much Tier/raid farming stuff, but you opened the door by mentioning Tier sets off the bat. 😉

      ~ Effy

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