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UR Raid Week in Review – 2012 Week Four

Ding, dong! The Deathwing is Dead!


25man Progress

I knew the plan this week was to extend the raid lockout and work on Madness of Deathwing.  I knew that Thursday I was going to miss the raid, due to a Girl Scout function.  So admittedly, I was both excited and nervous.

I anxiously made the motions and made sure my assignments were still mostly the same for 25man as they were for 10man, while Ranico made the complicated explanation of stacking, standing, assisting, switching platforms, etc.  About 30 minutes were devoted to setup and explanation.  I figured – and correctly – that our first attempt or two would set the evening’s tone.

Our first attempt, we made it all the way through all four tentacles and to Deathwing’s head!

All of our attempts were very close, and I knew there was only a tiny amount of adjustment needed and we had it.  However, the night progressed and about 10’o’clock I started to get nervous again.  I know it is probably selfish, but I pushed and pushed, hoping we would down Deathwing, and not Thursday night when I would not be there to join in the excitement.

But our fifth attempt was smoother, and everyone was up and Brez’s were available when we hit Deathwing’s last platform.  The damage was huge at times, but healing cooldowns were rotated and we poured heals onto the tanks.  Ranico still went down before Deathwing, but he was the only one, and we finished with 24 standing!

And so Deathwing fell.  Congratulations to all of my wonderful fellow raiders!  We got him, and we did it before the first Dragon Soul nerf!  Hooray!

WoL – 1/25/2012

10man Progress

There was no progressive 10man group this week, as we planned to extend the lockout, so we finished the Ulduar lockout we started last week.  It was Effy’s first time all the way through and I am ONE achievement from my25man  drake!  We also killed Malygos on heroic and everything except Anub’arak in Trial of the Grand Crusader.  Apparently, that fight is still quite tough…

Effy’s Gear

Effy already had Deathwing’s healy mace, so there were no upgrades for her this week.

Raid Performance

25man Performance

For how many of our 25man team had not done the 10man version (only LFR), I thought our performance was excellent!  Everyone stood where they needed to, killed what needed killing, used their cooldowns and took down Big Ugly on our first night on him!  I could not be more proud of our team.  🙂

10man Performance

It is hard to comment on 10man performance this week.  The only thing that can use improvement with what we did is first to better watch our damage on Kologarn, who is the only boss we missed our achievement on.  I think he just plain died too fast.  heh  The second – try and figure a way around the Anub’arak mechanics, as it seems his fight’s damage is percentage based and therefore still hurts like a b*tch.

My Performance

The first couple of attempts I just plain ran myself outta juice…  But along with everyone else, I got into my groove, and our last few attempts I went face-to-eyeball with Big Ugly with nearly a full mana pool and even some cooldowns.  That made a huge difference.


Figure out and research our first boss or two for Dragon Soul Heroics.

Final Thoughts

I am anixous about Heroics.  My last raiding guild, we tried some Heroics in BoT and BWD – but it was more face-smashing than anything.  So, I dare say this is going to be my first real foray into progressing through Heroics.  Normal raids always have some room to bypass and outsmart some of the mechanics, but Heroics are less forgiving in that respect.

I know I can do this, but there is always that period of trepidation for me.  It would not be me without some needless worry.  😛

~ Effy


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