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2012 in 2012: January Update

I am pretty excited to give my first monthly update to my progress in the 2012 in 2012 Challenge hosted by JD Kenada!

Current Levels

Character Name Server Level
Effraeti Elune 85
Effræti Elune 78
Caeridwen Elune 85
Vaadaree Elune 85
Sifaol Elune 85
Lazheward Elune 85
Solaes Elune 85
Lycaohn Elune 80
Rosælyn Elune 46
Skeiron Elune 32
Æthelwúlf Elune 31
Ahyzrael Elune 13
Tøggle Elune 7
Kiiræ Elune 6
Aerora Elune 0
Gæladrial Elune 0
Amaeris Elune 0
Fehnrír Elune 0
Miehui Elune 0
Qiqiang Elune 0
Brizaeyl Wyrmrest Accord 78
Vaadaree Wyrmrest Accord 70
Gaeladrial Wyrmrest Accord 40
Amaeris Wyrmrest Accord 35
Rosaelyn Wyrmrest Accord 30
Skeiron Wyrmrest Accord 28
Maeyv Wyrmrest Accord 12
Kiirae Wyrmrest Accord 11
Ahyzrael Wyrmrest Accord 5
Aerora Eonar 82
Azzurro Eonar 62
Maeyv Eonar 62
Rosaelyn Eonar 54
Eír Eonar 11
Maestus Eonar 10
Brizaeyl Eonar 7
Brownee Eonar 5
Brizaeyl Sisters of Elune 5
Vaadaree Sisters of Elune 5
Lazheward Argent Dawn 6
Effraeti Argent Dawn 6
Toggel Aerie Peak 11
Wingnuht Aerie Peak 10
Total: 1448

Running Total

1448/2012 Levels


This weekend has been my only real time for leveling recently.  However, I feel pretty accomplished.  45 Levels!

Aethulwulf - Level 31

Æthelwulf – Leveled my Demo Warlock from 19 to 31!

I believe that makes him my highest Warlock so far.  He now has his Level 20 class mount.  I did a combination of Dungeon Finder (my weekly seven) and Battlegrounds (mostly Arathi Basin, since it is this weekend’s BG).  My leveling scheme tends to be to level through a combination that includes dungeons for the lower level of brackets and BGs for the higher.  So for example: 20, 21, 22 = dungeons and 23 and 24 = BGs.  Then, 25, 26, 27 = dungeons and 28 and 29 = BGs.  And so on.

Both my survivability and DPS seem to be coming along on my Warlock.  It is not as impressive as my Hunter’s DPS, but I am holding my own.  And I seem to have enough survivability skills that I do not immediately die EVERY time I meet someone in PvP.  🙂

Rosaelyn - Level 46

Rosælyn – Rosa is my most recent attempt at a Resto Druid, leveled her from 40 to 46 this weekend.

My 85 Druid, Solaes, was Resto for a long time, and it led to her being seriously unplayed because I am a horrible Resto Druid.  Cata Heroics were the death of her as a healer.  However, I figure if I relearn to Druid heal, perhaps Rosa will go more smoothly (at least until MoP and more changes – then, I will probably need to level a Druid all over again…).

Rosa gets through queues much faster, however, after running Skeiron and Aethelwulf through dungeons, healing seemed brainlessly easy at times, but others I was completely at the mercy of subpar tanks.  I actually got kicked from a Scholomance group because our exceptionally squishy Pally tank was pulling whole rooms and running me OOM on every pull.  Which has not been a problem so far – granted I use Innervate fairly regularly, but mana has not been an issue.  So when the tank died pulling Rattlegore along with half of the skelly trash in his room, he had the nerve to criticize my healing.  I suggested he not pull whole rooms, and suddenly I got a loading screen and found myself back in Stormwind!  Really??

I have a confession.  Rosa’s outfit above is not really all she is currently wearing.  I wanted her to look better than her mismatched leveling gear.  😛

Skeiron - Level 32

Skeiron – My Beast Mastery Hunter went from 25 to 32 this weekend.

DPS is crazy on a BoA equipped Hunter.  My cat, KT, and I were easily doubling everyone else all weekend in dungeons.  PvP is pretty crazy too.  As long as I can get out of melee range from my target, they die quick, highly perforated deaths.  It is almost unfair.  But do not tell anyone I said that.  😛

Skeiron is getting close to high enough to wear all the transmog gear I have ready for him.  I finally found some Ebonhold pants for him!  So I am pretty happy with his outfit.

I promise to post his outfit and those of my other characters onto their pages very soon!

Ahyzrael - Level 13

Ahyzrael – Ahyzrael is a character I have been wanting to start since I recently read Saz’s (of World of Saz) post about leveling as an Enhancement Shaman.  How many times have been thoroughly beat down in 2.5 seconds in PvP by an Enhancement Shaman?  Lots, it seems.  I hear good things about Enhancement Shamans, but Effy is no Enhancement Shaman.  I like her as Resto/Ele.  I also have no Dwarves – until now.

Saz’s first guide only covers from Level 1 to 10, but once I unlocked the talent trees, I could not just log out until I had at least tried her new abilities out some.

Ahyzrael and my last toon for this week (Toggle, down below), I have decided I want to level a little bit differently.  For quite some time now, I have had a large, fairly complete collection of BoAs to level with.  Add to that Level 25 guild perks, and I level through zones far faster than it would take me to complete the quests there.  So I decided I want to make both of them self-sufficient.  No BoAs, no money, no power-leveling, no gear assistance from other toons.  These two are totally on their own.  So Ahyzrael is Herbalism and Skinning, as well I having First Aid and Cooking trained and leveling already.  And Toggle is Mining and Skinning, also with First Aid and Cooking, so far.

Ahyzrael is leveling through Loch Modan currently, and so far is Level 13.

Toggle - Level 7

Tøggle – Toggle is a new character also.  A Gnome was the other race I did not have any.  (It is possible that I created a Dwarf and a Gnome for outfit purposes…)  And I love listening to female Gnomes – “Not enough RAAGGEEE!” is my favorite.  Too bad I turned off my error sounds.  Oh well, she still has an adorable giggle.

One thing I did not recall about the Gnome starting zone was Great Father Arctikus.  Perhaps because he is a rare, but low-level rares have not seemed overly rare since Cataclysm.  This guy decided to hang out in the cave I was questing in… and kill me, multiple times.  I was determined to finish my quest, though.  It was about five times I died, then I finally leveled to 5 and got Victory Rush!  That got me to kill him simultaneously with myself dying… but I won! and I got my loot!  Mua hahaha!

I planned to get Toggle to Level 10, but I had to come finish this post!  So she is currently Level 7.

In Conclusion

I still have quite a ways to go to my goal, but I am having fun along the way, as I always do while leveling.  🙂  This coming week, I hope to be working on my Mage some.  (Another character that has never made it very high.)

~ Effy



  1. You are so much farther along than I am. I only have 338 level so far for a whopping 16.7%. Keep going and I’m sure you will make it!

    • Eh, we are all starting this from different points. Besides, I am totally slacking in Horde characters!

      It appears I need to go create some on some server somewhere… (Since all my Elune slots are full.) :/

      ~ Effy


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