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An Ode to… Supplies!

So today I was noticing that my current notebook – the collection of all my thoughts in their unpolished grandeur – is full!  I know, the horror!  It is a very pretty pink notebook that I got from Barnes and Noble on clearance, so it being full kind of makes me sad.

However, the wonderful part of a full notebook?  That means I get to go buy a new one!

I believe I have mentioned before my mild obsession with office supplies.  It was there long before I ever became the High Keeper of Pens, Paper and Other Manual Communication Tools, but made worse by the power bestowed me with the lording over of these items.  In school, my favorite thing was shopping for school supplies.  Screw school clothes!  I will just wear jeans and a t-shirt and I am fine.

But pens! and markers! and folders! and notebooks!

So on my lunch, I ran down the street to Walgreens, which was the closest thing resembling a store or office supply Mecca.  My original intention was a new notebook.  But what is a new notebook (or two!) without a writing utensil companion?

Two 6×9 notebooks, several G2 pens (just in red and blue today, since they had no pink!), some mechanical pencils (cuz I need to draw more!) and…

*the skies open up and angels begin sing on high*

A Boomkin was the extent of my current creativity. 🙂

A Crayola Crayon Dry Erase Board!  OMG!  It has eight crayons and a handy mitten-like wipe for erasing and starting the gloriousness of coloring all over again!

And one of these days I swear I am going to take a non-fuzzy pic with my stupid camera phone!

So pardon me while I bask in the loveliness of my new supplies!

~ Effy

EDIT: Oh no! my video link did not work the first time!!  D:


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