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My Hero, WoWHead

So I was looking to put together an outfit for my Enhancement Shaman, Ahyzrael, and I found a new article on WoWHead about transmog.  Woot!  A “Same Model As” tab!  Even though, I swear this was already in place on some items, and of course some of the items I wanted to look at did not have them.  :/

Yes, I know it is a little early to be making such important decisions for lil Level 13 Ahyzrael, but when I was training in Kharanos, I noticed the great outfit the Shaman trainer there has on.

Kharanos' Shaman Trainer

WTB Dwarf tattoos!

So I am interested in building something similar.  The Dwarf Shaman originate from the Wildhammer Clan, and the Wildhammer function very closely with the Gryphons.  So giving her a Gryphon themed outfit seems most appropriate.  Adding a few Shaman Tier pieces should complete an appropriate look.  🙂  I prefer the blue- or grey-colored pieces with the original Gryphon Mail set skins.

This is a work in progress that I hope to post soon!

~ Effy



  1. JD Kenada

    Check out Liouxpold’s Transmog for the green shoulders (and chest). I think the blue feathered shoulders are also craftable but not the chest. Again, I’ve stared at so much Mog material lately I might be mistaken…

    PS…Blizz, I want my Wildhammer Dwarves and my non-tainted brown-skinned orc options come Mists!

    • I totally agree! Brown-skinned orcs, red-skinned orcs, Wildhammer Dwarves, more greyish Dark Iron Dwarves. And in general, I think it is time for more character customization options. 🙂 I am tired of the same 3 faces and the same 5 hairstyles.

      ~ Effy

      • JD Kenada

        That’s been my beef since Wrath, to be honest. Blizzard has added more hairstyles and that’s a start. Transmog makes a HUGE difference. Now just give each race about 4-5 more faces (or in the case of the Tauren, bring the total to more than 5…), perhaps one more customization option at start per race and we’re good!

        I realize the remodeling that would entail, but I do suspect we’re getting that to some degree with Mists anyway.

      • I agree, I think Blizzard will be putting some serious effort into character creation/art for MoP. It is already looking like they are making some art upgrades to the game – which are well overdue! I love the cartoony graphics in WoW, but I dare say it would be great if our characters had at least the level of art the mobs we kill do. 🙂

        ~ Effy

  2. Took my breath away, and linked it. Awesomeness!


  3. Oh I love those tatts! Not so hot about dwarves but the tatts are so cool!

    • I have never been very fond of dwarves, personally (Draenei FTW!) but I am becoming very fond of my wee Dwarf Shaman. She is pretty cute. 🙂

      She definitely needs some Wildhammer tattoos though.

      ~ Effy

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