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For Skarnu

In my post for the Shadowblade Set from yesterday, I reiterated my interest in putting together outfits for friends.  This morning, I had a reply from my fellow guildie and raider, Skarnu.

Skarnu: I think Skarnu may need an outfit… I’ve sort of avoided the whole transmogging thing, but I’d be curious to see what you can come up with.

Me: Ohhh, sounds fun! Any color preferences? (Promise not to make you pink, unless you ask.)

Skarnu: Nope, not really. Though overall I don’t love any of the druid tier sets, with the exception of T-10 (though T-12 wasn’t terrible). I really see Skarnu as being more roguish anyways.

As soon as Skarnu mentioned “Roguish,” I immediately thought a recolored Rogue Tier piece.  Something dark and mysterious.  Also, there are two polearms listed, because I could not make up my mind.  😛

So here is the outfit I put together for Skarnu.  I hope you like it!

~ Effy

Male Feral Druid - Front

Male Feral Druid - Back

Male Feral Druid - Vengeful Gladiator's Painsaw

Male Feral Druid - Shivering Felspine


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