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A Sunwalker Tail – Prologue

Many of you know I have been working on the 2012 in 2012 Challenge, by JD Kenada over on Amateur Azerothian.  Well, while I was debating how best to go about leveling a few Horde toons, so I can complete the One Character of Each Race requirement, I came across a post by Chatmay, the WoW Debutante, about a Horde Guild Leveling Contest on Eonar!  (Ironically, that is my former server, and where my 85 Paladin, Lazheward, began his life as a female Tauren – yes, he has identity issues.)

So I created a brand new female Tauren Paladin named Vianessa (Version 2.0).

I located some people from Radical Dreamers and got myself an invite.  They are wonderfully friendly so far.  And even though I do not think I can level Vi fast enough to make any place in the contest, I am having fun anyway.

While putting together a description for Vi’s character page, I thought perhaps I should do something more exciting with her than just say, “Hey!  My Pally is Level 15!  Level 25!  40!” etc.  So I think a story is more fitting.  But instead of just any story, I decided to pull some ideas from some of my fellow Bloggers – like Ancient, whom I adore because she has a tendency to talk not just from her characters, but from beside her characters, and like Rades, who writes wonderful letters from the point of view of WoW NPCs – and make Vianessa’s story a little bit different from my story norm.

I have decided to not only write it from Vi’s point of view, but as a letter (or series of letters) home to her parents.  🙂

My baby Sunwalker, Vianessa!

Tauren have a solid community structure and value family and clan above all else – they are put together in a very Native American sort of way.  So it seems fitting that a young Tauren, though anxious to get out into the world and see things and do “good,” would still be somewhat homesick and eager to share her adventures with those she loves.

The Tauren have always been fascinating to me.  Perhaps because they are “the enemy” but more likely because of their colorful villages and their very un-Horde-like outlook.  It is no wonder they get along so well with the Night Elves – how the two races ended up on different sides still baffles me.

As far as the Horde races go…

The Orcs have mostly redeemed themselves in my eyes, despite what a tool Garrosh is.  (I want Thrall back!)

The Darkspear Trolls are quickly growing on me, especially realizing what a level-headed leader Vol’jin is.

The Tauren are a fantastic and honorable race, and Baine is surely making his father proud.

Then, there are the other three races…

The Blood Elves – what can I say about them?  They sided with demons and kidnapped a Na’aru to drain him like some kind of magical vampires.  But the Blood Elf females are so cute… and wicked, even their laugh.

The Forsaken?  I do not trust them and as cool as Lady Sylvanas is – she needs to be taken down in the worst way.  I would trust her about as far as I can throw her heroicly-sized self.

Lastly, Goblins.  <shudder>  I cannot stand Goblins.  Running around with those whiny, scheming, backstabbing lil ankle-biters makes me want to go jump on my Hunter and perforate them all.  PvP’ing to the dying screams of Goblins makes my day.  (I know, that is both sick and sad.)

Anyway, I do digress.  I promise the first part of my wee Tauren’s adventures will be up soon.  (So many screenshots to sort!)

~ Effy


  1. Hope you enjoy your time there! They are some great people.

    • I am so far! Everyone is really nice! 🙂

      ~ Effy

  2. “PvP’ing to the dying screams of Goblins makes my day. (I know, that is both sick and sad.)”

    Not at all. They are my favourite target in PvP. In fact I went out of my way during the EotS weekend to throw them off the map.

    • LOL We should start an anti-Goblin guild. >:)

      ~ Effy

  3. I agree whole heartedly with you about the cool factor of the Tauren! Thunderbluff is a very cool city. The whole American Indian motiff is awesome. One thing that seems very wrong to me is them fighting alongside the Orcs in Warsong Gulch.

    On the rest of the horde races my tastes are almost the opposite of yours.. LOL

    Orcs and trolls, I cannot stand. I hate Orgrimmar. It’s ugly! That city is one of two main reasons I have so much trouble playing horde.

    Goblins are ok to me. They look pretty cool. I have not played the starter zone yet so I cannot comment much on that. However like you I do enjoy killing the little buggers in PvP!

    My feelings about the Forsaken are a paradox. I do find their theme and story compelling. However, they are the other main reason I have so much issues with playing horde. I hate their quests and actions. Poisoning and killing seems to be their main goal.

    Blood elves I love! I like the way they look. I love their architecture. I really enjoy the beauty of Eversong Woods. I especially get into their story and lore. A once good, but haughty race that fell hard, then took some extremes to survive and were deceived, and now ironically thanks to the Draenei and Naaru they may be on the path to redemption.

    • Don’t get me wrong – I love the look of Blood Elves, I love twirling on Blood Elves, I love the look of their city and their questing zones, and I have a fair amount of respect in them seeking redemption. But on the other hand, they are pretty evil. Perhaps I am sore at them for trying to exterminate my favorite race – the Draenei. Sure, you may argue “But so did the Orcs!” but the Orcs were tricked and possessed. The Blood Elves were just power hungry.

      Alternately, I would prefer High Elves (the Blood Elf-looking, blue-eyed High Elves) as a playable class. They always strike me as somewhat Xenophobic but they were great allies to the Humans in the Orc wars. And they are the lighter side of the Elf-coin, IMO.

      But Forsaken, I dislike them fully because of their lore and storyline. I leveled my original Tauren Paladin through Hillsbrad, and I was disgusted by the Forsaken quests there. I realize that the Forsaken have a rough background – but so do the Death Knights! And yet, the Death Knights sought to redeem and integrate themselves with the other races in a far less diabolical way. The Death Knights may be crass, but they are not so bent on revenge against all the living races that they seek to exterminate everyone.

      Goblins, I was always fairly neutral about my opinions of them, before they twisted their neutrality into choosing sides and then expanded their industrialization and destruction into one of my favorite zones. Once I started PvP’ing against them, the deal was sealed. Kill all the things! err, Goblins! 😛

      Thanks so much for finding my Blog and taking the time to share your thoughts!

      ~ Effy

      • Good points about the Death Knights and Forsaken!

        I am with you on the High Elves.. If I could play a high elf Paladin, I would be tickled pink and probably would never roll a horde toon.. LOL

      • A High Elf Paladin would be pretty awesome. 😀

        ~ Effy

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