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Effy likes tall guys, too.

Warning: If you are not familiar with the Lich King fight, there will be spoilers in this post!

Okie, so maybe I am about a year late – but hey, I was a late-comer to WoW, and I was happy that I got down Lich King in normal 10 and 25man before Cata went live.  I still consider this a fine achievement, because this is a great title!  I like the way it sounds.  The only way it would be more fitting would be on my Draenei Paladin, Lazheward.  🙂

The night began with our regular 25man raid.  We one-shot everything in Dragon Soul and finished before our normal breaktime at 9:30ish!  Woot!  Great job, everyone!

So to finish out the night, we went to ICC and took on Lich King in 25man Heroic.  He went down on our third attempt – a beautiful, nearly flawless attempt, I might add.

So we got to the part where LK kills everyone, and lo and behold… he missed someone…


Yup, that’s my GM’s DK beating on LK like a mouse kicking a giant about the ankles.  (It was my Earth Shield that kept him alive, yup.)  Ol’ Arthas did not even miss a beat throughout his whole RP…

BAF, or ten.

Undead pile!

Swallow your SOUL! (Ten points for catching the reference!)

Eventually, Ranico might hack off a finger or something... maybe...

The Lich King gets a swirly.

Woot! Mass Rez! Good thing King Menethil has a Level 25 guild, eh?

Hehe, okie, so maybe the screenshots are kind of silly, but what else did I have to do while I lay there dead and my GM stole all the glory?  Dern DKs.  😛

But grats to all my guildies for a superb night of raiding – our 3rd 25man Deathwing kill (with 25 alive, I might add!) and a new achievement and title for a lot of us!  Not to mention, more shard-thingees for Aesadonna‘s Shadowmourne!  Gogo, Aesa!  😀

~ Effy



  1. Yay grats!

    • Thanks! ❤

      ~ Effy

  2. *giggle* Darn that Ranico and his encounter-breaking ways! And by darn, I mean yay!

    • LOL Yah, that darn glory-hog! 😉

      ~ Effy


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