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Ain’t He Gorgeous!?

I have to head to bed, I am exhausted, but first I wanted to share my newest mount:

Ulduar 25man Achievements - Ironbound Proto-Drake

And between this and getting my Light of Dawn achievement, I figured it was time to start dressing like a DS raider, and went to the teal-colored LFR version Tier 13 gear.

Effy Back in her Spiritwalker Gear

That is all for tonight, but I have some updates this week when I write my raiding review!

~ Effy


  1. Nice job on the Mount and that’s a nice looking set on a Draenei

  2. Grats Effy!

  3. Awesome mount! I always loved the proto-drakes and this is definitely one of the best looking! Gratzamundo!!

    • Thanks, guys!

      And the proto-drakes are great mounts. The only flaw: they do not fit through doorways very all, okie, at all! One day I will start working on the proto-drake in Utgarde Pinnacle again…

      ~ Effy

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