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Black Arrow Set

I think I like the idea of an Outfit Friday.  So I will aim for an outfit each Friday.  (I may need more toons…!)

Here is my wee Night Elf Hunter, Skeiron, in the outfit I have been putting together for him.  Obviously, he is not wearing this outfit yet, because the PvP bow is Level 70, and he has a ways to go for that yet.

I find male toons far more difficult to craft outfits for.  Pieces I like on female toons do not always look the same on a male, and whereas I do not mind showing skin on my female toons, I am more cautious about it when it comes to the male toons.

I did not feel something really colorful was appropriate for Skeiron, who is very serious and tends to stay on track with the task at hand.  I have also been looking for a reason to craft an outfit with some of the Ebonhold pieces.

One thing I have noticed is I am not fond of huge gloves or huge boots, and the Ebonhold set for these pieces are just that.  The Blackforge set made for a good compliment and more form-fitting gloves and boots.

~ Effy

Male Night Elf Hunter - Front

Male Night Elf Hunter - Back

Vengeful Gladiator's Longbow

Skeiron – Black Arrow Set


  1. I like this Friday outfit thing! And what a great bow!

    • Thanks!

      Yah, I have become quite fond of World of Wardrobes for finding cloaks and weapons, since it is organized by color. 🙂

      ~ Effy


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