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Hopeless Romantic Set

No, it is not Friday, but it is Valentine’s Day.  I wanted to put together another story about Laz and Effy, but I got distracted with outfits instead.  Last night, I was working on my DK.  This evening, I wanted to put something somewhat simple for Effy, something with a mildly romantic aire, but not overdone.  I was originally thinking lots of pink and red and color, but as I tested out milder pieces, I began to like the outfit more.

So here is that outfit.  🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

~ Effy

Female Draenei Shaman - Front

Female Draenei Shaman - Back

Surgeon's Needle

Effraeti – Hopeless Romantic Set



  1. How can I NOT visit your blog when the title is something like that! Nice work Effy hope you had a nice Valentine’s day.

    • I had a pleasant day, I hope you did as well.

      So, does that mean I should write another sappy, romantic Laz and Effy story? 🙂

      ~ Effy

  2. It’s a beautiful outfit and I thank you for it, but don’t get distracted. Yes, we need another romantic Laz and Effy story!


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