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A Love Story

Mua haha!  I fooled you all, didn’t I?  <evil grin>

Sorry, sorry.

But seriously, it seems that another Laz and Effy love story post is in order, so I wanted to comment on this briefly since I am at work and my lunch/blog time is limited.

There is a very good reason there was a span of time between A Reunion of Sorts and Back From the Dead.  Though I am all about the sappy romantic stuff ❤ I am kinda scared to continue down the storyline I have created for DK Effy.

Let’s look at the facts here:

  • Effy is an undead
  • Laz is a Paladin

Already right here we have conflict, and I agree, as far as stories go (even love stories) there has to be conflict.  Story conflict is good, as it drives the plot.

In fact, once the guy and gal get past all the ups and downs and evil villains and outside forces working to keep them apart, that is the point where the story usually ends.  A lot of the interest in a story usually comes from some form of tension between the main characters of opposing gender.  Questions of if/when the characters will get together drives the plot fabric throughout the story’s lifetime.  Almost kissing, having a tender moment, saving the other’s life – these things create interest and are often halted by certain circumstances to prolong the interest and suspense.

Then comes the Happily Ever After and the end of the story (or at least the end of the interesting story).

With TV shows, this is considered Jumping the Shark.

The guy and the gal finally getting together (ie. Niles and Daphne on Frasier, Rachel and Ross on Friends) is the Jump the Shark moment in many TV series.  Bah!  I was going to use Mulder and Scully on The X-Files, but I cannot remember if they ever truly got together… and apparently the Jump the Shark website was sold to TV Guide who has completely ruined the whole concept.  😦

I am so annoyed, you get no TV Guide link!

But believe me when I say – circumstances that would make Laz and Effy getting back together difficult are great for building tension and prolonging story interest.  But to what end I am extending this?

What happy ending could possibly be in store for an undead?  Let alone a happy ending that includes her still very much alive and worshiper of the Light significant other?

I agree that things are currently very unresolved between Laz and Effy, and their story has certainly not ended.  But this is definitely going to require some more thought.

When I first started writing about Effy, they were only little snippets that did not require a greater, omnipotent knowledge of the past, present and future.  Effy has totally taken on a life of her own.  😛

Split personalities, undead love stories, internet dragons, manbearcats (AKA cuddly, lovable Druids), might and magic and all that stuff…

~ Effy



  1. Oh no! You did fool me, I saw the title in my email and hurried over to read A Love Story. Okay, I’ll stop harassing all you writers and wait semi-patiently!

    • I will be sure to name the next one “A REAL Love Story (No Jokes This Time, Promise)” so you know. How is that? ❤

      ~ Effy

      • Yay! And then I’ll hurry right over!

  2. I also rushed over thinking it was a Laz story… EFFY! Get working on your 6th 6th!

    • I would but all my screenshots are on my computer at home! 😦

      ~ Effy

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