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Sunwalker Set

TGIF and happy Outfit Friday!

I am very proud of this outfit, but I imagine it will be quite difficult for me to collect all the pieces, as this is for my Tauren Paladin on Eonar, Vianessa.  Whereas I have quite a collection of outfit pieces on Elune, Vianessa is just about on her own.  Luckily, I have been making some progress in becoming financially stable on a different server, and Horde-side at that.  It is a little strange, since Eonar was where I raided on Effy for a while.

Vianessa’s outfit is a combination of Tier, crafted, BoE’s and quest items.

I like the gold and silver combination and I think they fit a Paladin well – and they look good on a Tauren to boot.  🙂  Also, I am a firm fan of sword and board.  Perhaps a hammer and axe alternative would be a good idea, but I prefer a sword!

~ Effy

Female Tauren Paladin - Front

Female Tauren Paladin - Back

The Willbreaker

Vianessa – Sunwalker Set


  1. JD Kenada

    That is a phenomenal look you’ve built. I’m just in the process now of building some class specific sets to share and the nice thing is I think I captured the Tauradin (as I likes to call `em) aspect but in a different way than you did. Variety is the spice of life!

    • I agree! With the variety of armor and weapons available, transmogging is probably the best thing that could have happened for those of us wanting to put a more personal touch on our toons.

      I wanted to do her up in bright yellow-gold at first, but as I toned down the gold some, I began to like this outfit even more!


      ~ Effy

  2. Oh, that is gorgeous! That pair of pants is one of my favorites, and I love how well those crafted shoulders & gloves go with it. I can certainly see myself doing something very similar with my Cowadin — probably with a different chestpiece, though. 😀

    • Well, the outfit started coming together when I started playing with the Enchanted Thorium pieces. The chest piece was also high on my list, but it so happens the patterns for the set are no longer obtainable. So whereas I might have the resources to make it happen on my main server and faction, not as much with Vianessa. She is pretty much on her own – no BoAs, no high-level benefactors. I found the quest legs that match, but not a chest. If I can think of a way to make it happen, I would prefer to match the chest. 🙂

      ~ Effy


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