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Ironeffy, the Iron(wo)man

For a few weeks now, I have seen a lot of bloggers talking about the WoW Ironman Challenge.  In fact, I even saw an article about it on the Blizzard page.  So far, I have convinced myself that the Ironman challenge does not fit into my current list of goals, which mostly consist of working on my character stories, creating more outfits and leveling for the 2012 in 2012 Challenge.

But yesterday, the curiosity won out.  I rolled some Random Integers, and had a character.

Faction (random 2):

  • 1 – Alliance
  • 2 – Horde

Race  (random 6):

  • 1 – Human/Orc
  • 2 – Dwarf/Undead
  • 3 – Night Elf/Tauren
  • 4 – Gnome/Troll
  • 5 – Draenei/Blood Elf
  • 6 – Worgen/Goblin

Class (random 9):

  • 1 – Warrior
  • 2 – Paladin
  • 3 – Hunter
  • 4 – Rogue
  • 5 – Priest
  • 6 – Shaman
  • 7 – Mage
  • 8 – Warlock
  • 9 – Druid

Gender (random 2):

  • 1 – Male
  • 2 – Female

In all honesty, it first wanted me to make my Night Elf a Warlock, and since Blizzard does not agree, I rerolled that one and got Rogue.

And so was born - Ironeffy!

I have never had much problem getting to Level 10 without much to go on – white/grey items, no talents, etc.  Beyond that, I am nervous.

But Ironeffy thinks she is up to the Challenge!


Last night, I got her to Level 7.  Ironeffy already had her first brush with death from Uruson, but she triumphed!

I have… a plan!  I plan to do all of Teldrassil, then all of Azuremyst/Bloodmyst Isle <shudder>, then possibly all of Elwynn Forest, before I continue on to the next level of questing.  The way I figure it, most of Ironeffy’s XP is going to have to come from completing quests, and the lower the mobs, the more safely I will complete them.

Sounds good in theory, eh?

~ Effy



  1. I’ll be following her progress! That no-death thing was just too scary for me!

    • Admittedly, you are part of my inspiration. 🙂

      This is nerve-wracking, and I am playing her on my laptop to boot – so smaller keyboard and far less mouse buttons – but so far so good.

      I only got to Level 7 last night because I started to get tired, and did not want to screw up by falling asleep at the computer in the middle of nowhere or something. 😛

      ~ Effy

      • Yike! Yes, death by sleep would be an awful end!

      • Indeed!

        ~ Effy

  2. Good luck! I’ll live vicariously through your journey (and anyone else who does it) because ain’t no way I’m doing it!

    • lol Thanks! Perhaps I can get through this will some cheerleaders! 😀

      ~ Effy

  3. Ooooo Awesome!! I’m wishing you the best! Remember stay out of spooky caves and be careful around elevators!!!!

    Also, if you see Ironsteve around give him a /wave. 😛

    • Yah, and no escort quests! I did not appreciate Legoso trying to get me killed!

      Thanks for the support! 🙂

      ~ Effy

      • Oh god, I didn’t even think about escort quests. I could see those turning bad really fast. o.O

      • Yah, most NPCs I escort are usually like: “Pull all the things!”

        ~ Effy


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