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Headline: Ironeffy Reaches Level 20! Can She Keep it Up?

I was pretty unmotivated yesterday other than my goal to get Ironeffy to Level 20 without dying.

I hit Level 10, and did not think to take a screenshot until after the fact.  (And no I am not restarting her to get that shot!)  😉  After hitting Level 10, I finished up Teldrassil, and headed over to Azuremyst Isle – despite it not being high on my list of favorite leveling zones.  (Perhaps because I have made “too many” Draenei?  No such thing!)

One thing I have not been able to determine for sure as far as the Ironman rules go is the use of health pots.  I have not used one, for fear it is against the rules.  I have been sticking to bandages and HP5 vendor food between mobs.  But health pots are white, and they do not provide any buffs.  <shrug>

About the time I got to Bloodmyst Isle, I started to realize that my Hit (well lack thereof) was starting to present an issue.  Ironeffy misses… a lot.  It does not quite seem right, as Hit on items is nearly nonexistent at my current level.  Sometimes, I level with BoAs, but many times I do not (on servers other than my main).

Woot! 100 Quests!

One thing that I noticed and could not just go by without commenting on was the Triumvirate of the Hand in Blood Watch.  These guys are all wearing different colors of a set I happen to be quite fond of.

The black/white set and the black/blue set are both available through Stratholme and Scholomance for the most part.  The gorgeous green/gold set is only available as a few pieces, all of which come from AQ.  I would love to have that green/gold set!  There is also a beautiful black/red chestpiece that I would not mind having, and am interested in creating an outfit around.  🙂

Deathbone Guardian Set

The Triumvirate of the Hand

I just have to say – Vindicator Awesome is my new favorite name.  Too bad I did not get his shot a little bigger.

It was getting on towards 11pm, and I was starting to get nervous about finishing up to Level 20.  But I was determined.  That darn Wyrmscar Island and its undead whelplings!  Then, it was the Murlocs – no, do not gang up on me!  Then, it was Demolitionist Legoso – who thought it a swell idea to pull half the Blood Elf camp, including the rare assassin chick.  I could not help it, I ran away and left Legoso to his fate.  ><

But I lived to tell the tale of my cowardice.

I finally decided the quests remaining on Bloodmyst Isle were too scary, and I got on the boat and went to Darkshore.  I was literally about 5% from Level 20, so I explored and turned in a quest to Malfurion, and…

Ding! Yay! Level 20!

I headed to Darnassus to get a mount!

Then, I realized I did not have enough money!  Even after pickpocketing everyone I could from the time I could train it.  😦  So I threw a few green pieces of armor and some Small Eggs on the AH, bought the next level of white armor available to me and logged off.  Still crossing my fingers that something sold.

Now, I have a kind of embarrassing confession.  I was previously aware that Draenei cannot be Rogues, but I had expected there would still be a Rogue trainer somwehere on Bloodmyst Isle.  No beans.  So from Level 12 to 19.9, I did not train anything.  There was a fair amount of swearing when I trained in Darnassus and realized I had had Recuperate available to me for some time.  :/

Oh well!  No deaths yet!

Keep it up, Ironeffy!

~ Effy

Still <flex>ing

Note: The screenshots in this post were all taken on my laptop (which has an 11″ screen but still weighs as much as a normal size laptop, go figure), so they may look different than usual.



  1. Yay! I had bookmarked her armory page and this morning saw she was level 20 and was hoping for a post.

    Yes, I found Murlocs to be the most dangerous little beasts in Azeroth, who knew.

    I’m rooting for Ironeffy!

    • Yah, I thought about posting last night, but I was tired and figured it would not make any sense. heh

      Those Murlocs, I swear it is almost impossible not to get more than one when you pull. I ended up Sapping one and pulling another, just so I did not get overwhelmed. It is funny, though, I am such a pathetic Rogue… I have been Sapping everything I can, so I can pickpocket and line up Ambushes without pulling other stuff. And still, Shadowmeld has saved me a few times already.

      You were right, it can be very nerve-wracking. More than once, poor little Ironeffy has run away screaming and flailing from a near death.

      ~ Effy

  2. Grats Effy! OMG I can’t imagine doing this challenge, it would be too hard for me!


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