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DK – Take Two

There was something just not sitting with me right about the Plaguebringer Set.  So I had to give it a second try.  Loving this set already.  And I added a dual wield option with the Warp-Storm Warblade, which goes well with the green-purple combo in the Symbolic Set.

Also, I am including screenshots of the Frostblade Set with dual wielded Rimefang’s Claws, which I mentioned in the original post, but did not have screenshots of at the time.

I am so glad I downloaded MogIt.  It gives me a simple background that does not detract from the outfit.  As I put the outfits together, I will try and post some “action” shots.

~ Effy

Female Night Elf Death Knight - Front

Female Night Elf Death Knight - Back

Manslayer of the Qiraji

Warp-Storm Warblade x2

Warp-Storm Warblade x2

Caeridwen – Plaguebringer Set (v2)

Rimefang's Claw x2

Rimefang's Claw x2




  1. I like the first set a lot!

    • Yah, I think with the changes, it is much better. 🙂

      ~ Effy

  2. Oh, nice! This version of the set definitely has a more ominous and threatening vibe to it than the previous version did.


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