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Execution Set

Well, Mr. JD Kenada, I see your Dwarf Shaman, and I raise you a Gnome Warrior!  <puts on her poker face>

I have few Dwarf outfits, but previous to right now, I had no Gnome outfits.  So since I have become quite fond of my pint-sized, pink haired, plate-wearing ankle-slicer, Tøggle, I thought she deserved an outfit she can start working towards.

This set, I started out with pink…. and then I started to drift back towards reality, realizing that the only good pink plate is the Bloodscale set.  So I decided to instead build the set around The Exarch’s Protector chestpiece.  I also love the Warrior blade-wing shoulder skin, and wanted to work those in, because yes, they look large, but not as large and awkward as most of the plate shoulders.  😛

To keep the pink from my original idea, there is obviously her hair and the Pink Mageweave Shirt.  I think it compliments her hair nicely.

I usually do not mind showing some skin, especially on my female plate wearers.  But it looked horribly awkward smooshed on the stubby Gnome legs.  So I decided against it.  I also felt a need to give her a weapon much larger than her, to match her shoulders, of course.  🙂

She is cute and deadly – RAWR!

One disturbing note that will not leave my brain now: Female Gnomes are not symmetrical in the torso.  This is now bothering me a great deal.

Blizzard!  Fix Gnome symmetry!

~ Effy

Female Gnome Warrior - Front

Female Gnome Warrior - Back

Greatsword of the Crown / Endbringer

Tøggle – Execution Set



  1. JD Kenada

    Thank you for not going Bloodscale. It’s one of the sets I’ve found I’m getting sick of seeing, especially on females, Death Knights, or the combination of the two.

    Oh, I recieved something by mistake. I think it was meant for you. 😉

    • LOL That’s right – It’s on! It’s on like Donkey Kong! 🙂

      ~ Effy

  2. Oh, how can she look so cute … but so deadly!

    • Yes, I have wanted to make a female Gnome Warrior for a long time. I love the cute lil noises coming out of a tough lil plate-wearer. 🙂

      ~ Effy

  3. Oh how can you be so cute and yet so badass! I love these mog posts!


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