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The Life (and Death) of a Keyboard

Perhaps this is normal for a gamer, I am not sure, but I have noticed I go through keyboards.  I do not kill the entire keyboard, just the keys I tend to use the most – WASD, F, Space Bar, Shift, Control and 123.

I have a tendency to be a combination of a keyboard-turner and a mouse-turner, a mouse-clicker and a key-binder.  It probably stems from the start of my multi-player gaming being through first person shooters like Quake, Counterstrike and the like.

It is very infrequently that this causes me any problems, so when I was raiding Wednesday and Thursday and I noticed I was not casting nearly as much as I thought I should be, I started monitoring my clicks and Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text better, and realized I was indeed missing casts.  Shift was not registering regularly, which makes my mouse’s thumb button note the difference between casting Release Elements and casting Chain Heal.  So instead of Chain Healing, I was wasting casts on failing to cast Unleash Elements.  D’oh.

On any toon other than Effy, I would have noticed this sooner.  I have to concentrate on which button does what on my other healers, since I heal with them less.  Add to that, Effy is my only real AoE healer and I am so comfortable with her and her casting and CD times, I tend to focus on where I am standing, where others are standing, who is taking damage, etc.

I now realize this is a detrimental comfort zone.

Slipping into the Healing Zone is good in many aspects, but not when I am missing important happenings by settling into my healing groove.  I know what I thought I was casting every second of those fights, but how much was making it from my fingers to my Shaman, I cannot say.

So not only do I need a new keyboard, I need to better monitor myself so that I do not get so comfortable I become complacent.

Off to Newegg I go.

~ Effy


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