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2012 in 2012: February Update

Happy Birthday to me!  That means it is now the beginning of March, and time for another 2012 in 2012 update!  Lots of updates!

Current Levels

Character Name Server Level
Effraeti Elune 85
Caeridwen Elune 85
Vaadaree Elune 85
Lycaohn Elune 80
Rosælyn Elune 54
Tøggle Elune 28
Aerora Elune 13
Gæladrial Elune 13
Amaeris Elune 0
Brizaeyl Elune 0
Effræti Elune 28
Sifaol Elune 85
Lazheward Elune 85
Solaes Elune 85
Skeiron Elune 36
Æthelwúlf Elune 33
Ahyzrael Elune 18
Kiiræ Elune 40
Maeyv Elune 0
Piotr Elune 0
Azzurro Eonar 62
Rosaelyn Eonar 54
Gizmø Eonar 0
Aerora Eonar 82
Maeyv Eonar 62
Duergar Eonar 0
Vianessa Eonar 40
Gwaehiir Eonar 0
Raeviin Eonar 10
Mortímer Eonar 0
Wídget Eonar 0
Klænk Eonar 0
Caerise Eonar 0
Sahmul Eonar 0
Atabey Eonar 5
Grenduhl Eonar 0
Zaerja Eonar 10
Lharz Eonar 8
Ironeffy Earthen Ring 25
Ironlaz Earthen Ring 0
Brizaeyl Wyrmrest Accord 78
Amaeris Wyrmrest Accord 35
Rosaelyn Wyrmrest Accord 30
Vaadaree Wyrmrest Accord 70
Gaeladrial Wyrmrest Accord 40
Skeiron Wyrmrest Accord 28
Lazheward Argent Dawn 6
Effraeti Argent Dawn 6
Toggel Aerie Peak 11
Wingnuht Aerie Peak 10
Total: 1525

Running Total

1525/2012 Levels

Levels gained since January: 77!

Left to go: 487 (approximately 50 levels/month)


I did a lot more leveling this month than last, especially in my vast amounts of free time and low ambition over the last week or so.  heh  I also did a major revamp to my list of 2012 toons.  Since we can only have 50 toons total to make up the 2012, I removed some from my list to replace with others to fit my leveling and transmog ideas.  Basically, on top of making sure I have two of each class and one of each race, I made sure I have one male and one female of each race.

None of my Level 85’s changed, nothing over 15 was deleted.  I merely added in the missing race/gender combos on Eonar, along with my current toons – which are now mostly Horde on that server.

So in reality, I leveled far more than 77 Levels.

Listed below I have the toons that affected my total in a negative manner.

Death Knight Adjustment


I realized I was counting Effræti fully at 78 levels.  Since I am already counting Caeridwen as my “main” DK, I had to take 50 levels off Effræti.

Characters Restarted


  • Leveled to 6 as a Draenei
  • Deleted her, recreated as a Human
  • Leveled to 10 as a Human
  • Deleted her, recreated as a Draenei (again)
  • Level to 13 as a Draenei

Characters Deleted

Wyrmrest Accord

  • Maeyv (12 Levels)
  • Kiirae (11 Levels)
  • Ahyzrael (5 Levels)


  • Eír (11 Levels)
  • Maestus (10 Levels)
  • Brizaeyl (7 Levels)
  • Brownee (5 Levels)

Sisters of Elune

  • Vaadaree (5 Levels)
  • Brizaeyl (5 Levels)

Total Levels Lost: 126 Levels

Adjusted Levels Earned for January: 203!  (Holy crap!  When did I do all that??)

Characters (Alphabetical)

Aerora - Level 13

Aerora -Leveled my Paladin to Level 13, again.

Poor Aerora.  I could not make up my mind with her most of the month.  But she is finally back to Draenei and Level 13.

I switched her to Human, with the intention of using her to complete the Human starter zone post-Cata.  Then, I realized I needed a male Human, and switched her back.  For some reason, I feel the need to have a female Draenei Paladin around.  (Sorry, Laz.)

Aerora I want to level as Prot.  With BoAs.

Æthelwúlf - Level 33

Æthelwúlf – Leveled my Worgen Warlock from 31 to 33.

Still aiming for 40, and my first ever epic Felsteed.  I realized today that I have not leveled him at all this month, so I jumped on about 4pm with full intentions of doing just that.  But distractions deterred me, and 40 will have to come in March.  They were all good distractions – mostly one of the officers asking me for some of my thoughts on a new Resto Shaman applicant.  That made me feel pretty important, so I did not mind that it only meant between then and raid I only gained two levels.  hehe

Æthelwúlf is currently Demonlogy, and I think he will stay that way, at least while leveling, but given my unfamiliarity with Warlocks, there is always the possibility that Poneria will be able to sway me otherwise.  With BoAs.

Ahyzrael - Level 18

Ahyzrael – Leveled my Dwarf Shaman from 13 to 18.

So far I am leveling her without any BoAs, even though she is on my main server, Elune.  She and Tøggle I am so far using to see the Dwarven questlines, since it is one I usually do not do.  The lack of BoAs does not seem to be hindering either of them.  In fact, the only reason I might decide to send either some, would be to play around in PvP.  Enhancement Shaman are pretty lethal in PvP.  >:)

Ahyzrael is Enhancement and I am finding this spec to be quite fun, especially for melee.  No BoAs.

Atabey - Level 5

Atabey – Leveled my Troll Druid from 1 to 5.

My intention is to get all of my 2012 characters to at least 10, so they show up on the Armory.  Before I came to that decision, though, I started Vianessa on a “new” server (only new because when I played on Eonar it was as Alliance), and I needed someone to send items for the AH.  Atabey became that toon.

Atabey is not high enough to choose a spec yet…  I think she will be Feral, simply because that is the easiest to level in my experience, and because Troll kitties look cool.  😀  No BoAs.

Gæladrial - Level 13

Gæladrial – Leveled my Worgen Mage from 1 to 13.

I leveled her high enough to get out of Gilneas.  Since Gael is one of my “story” characters, my goal is to get her to at least 20.  I am trying to remember why I thought to change her to a Mage, instead of a Druid?  It is not coming to me at the moment, but perhaps simply because I am acquiring too many Druids.

We shall see if March is for Gael, as February was for Aerora.

Gæladrial is Arcane.  So far it is okie, but not as much fun as Fire.  We shall see.  No BoAs.

Ironeffy - Level 25

Ironeffy – Leveled my first Ironman challenger from 1 to 25 before her death.

I started Ironeffy as a randomly generated character – sex, race, class (though, it really wanted me to make her a Night Elf Warlock, sorry).  I leveled her in only greys and whites, selling quest greens and blues and random BoEs (it was painful), no spec, no glyphs, no pots, no enchants, no BoAs.  I leveled through Teldrassil, Axuremyst and Bloodmyst Isles, Redridge Mountains and Duskwood.  It was in Duskwood she learned to fear the Reaper, discovering that dancing that thin line between safe and dead would eventually catch up to her.

I plan to try the true Ironman Challenge once more, with Ironlaz, who is already rolled as a male Troll Druid.  If Laz dies, the only other way I may participate is through a more “anemic” version of the challenge.  hehe

Ironeffy has no spec, as that is part of the requirements for the WoW Ironman Challenge.  No BoAs.

Kiiræ - Level 40

Kiiræ – Leveled my Draenei Mage from 1 to 40.

I started Kiiræ as a story character.  She is in truth a blue dragon.  So, my intention was to make her a Frost Mage.  My track record with Mages, specifically Frost Mages, is horrible.  Kiiræ on Elune is probably my 10th or so incarnation of a Mage – none so far breaking the 15 level mark.

Until now!

Kiiræ is a Fire Mage!  I am having soo much fun playing with Fire!  With BoAs.

Lharz - Level 58

Lharz -Leveled my Orc Death Knight from 55 to 58.

It would be embarrassing to admit how many DK’s I have created over the many realms of Azeroth.  Part of my glee at having two accounts, is having two DKs.  Sad, right?  I know.  However, the only spec I ever play is Blood (except for the very short stint where I created my Frost tanking spec, which was used on like two fight – Magmaw and Nefarion).  For some reason, I am absolutely horrible at DPSing on my DKs.

BUT I think it is a matter of trying to jump into a spec at max level.  I tend to overload myself.  I have noticed it especially with my Druids.  I find it easier to start a new one than to relearn how to play one.  So, time for a new DK or two.

Lharz is Unholy.  Orcs have a racial bonus for their pets, so it seemed appropriate.  No BoAs.

Raeviin - Level 10

Raeviin – Leveled my Undead Warlock from 1 to 10.

I have a serious distrust for Undead.  Too many alchemists with potions and gases and plagues to kill, raise, deform, torture.  But the 2012 challenge requires at least one of each race.  So, there was Raeviin.  I am still working out her life to undeath story, but I am sure it is tragic.  Perhaps romantically tragic.

Raeviin is Demonology so far.  But for the sake of variety, I think I may spec her as something else.  No BoAs.

Rosælyn - Level 54

Rosælyn – Leveled my Night Elf Druid from 46 to 54.

Rosælyn is coming along well.  So far, she is still leveling between a mixture of dungeons and PvP, but with my recent adventures into questing, that may change in March.  Of course, if I switch to questing, I have to pick a second spec – likely Boomkin.  But since I am finally enjoying healing on a Druid, I think I might leave Rosa that way.

Rosælyn is Resto, a spec of Druid I am usually no good at, but even without any AoE heals yet, I seem to be doing well.  Compliments on a healer (or a tank) are always appreciated.  With BoAs.

Skeiron - Level 36

Skeiron – Leveled my Night Elf Hunter from 32 to 36.

Still a regiment of dungeons and PvP – a Hunter with BoAs, what better way to level than perforating Horde?  (Sorry, my Horde friends…  That was not aimed at you, just the specific Horde in my specific BGs on my specific server.)  Dungeons are amusing, Skeiron is always at the top of the damage meters and no matter how hard I focus on NOT pulling aggro, he pulls aggro.  Hunters are so OP.  Just look at the top contenders in the Ironman Challenge!  There is your proof!  lol

Skeiron is a Beast Master, yet so far he still only has his starter kitty, KT.  With BoAs.

Tøggle - Level 28

Tøggle – Leveled my Gnome Warrior from 7 to 28.

She is so cute, and she kicks azz too!  Yes, she had green hair before, but I had to switch her to pink!  She must have pink hair!

Tøggle is Arms.  I could not level a Prot Warrior over about 15, not like a Prot Pally, that is for sure.  Then I tried Arms and I really like it.  But I have never played a Fury Warrior, so that may be in the cards eventually.  No BoAs.

Vianessa - Level 40

Vianessa – Leveled my Tauren Pally from 1 to 40.

I started Vi for a leveling contest on Horde Eonar.  I leveled her to 40 in record time, with grand ideas of writing a story of her adventures… but as her level fast outpaced her story, the pressure I was putting on myself, alongside everything at work, started to eat at me.  So at 40 she sits, and the first part of her adventurers still lies half-done.

Vianessa is Retribution.  I figured I am pretty bad at the spec, but it would be easiest for leveling – unless I decide to do some dungeons at which time I will give her a Holy spec.  No BoAs.

Zaerja - Level 10

Zaerja – Leveled my Orc Hunter from 1 to 10.

My Orc started with a black boar for a pet, and I promptly named him Baekuhn.  I am very fond of him, for having never tamed a boar on any of my other Hunters.  So Zaerja and Baekuhn and have been questing their way through Durotar.  She is quickly growing on me, as for a female Orc, she is kinda cute in a body-building, I could benchpress you, not so feminine kind of way.

Zaerja can only be Beast Master, because that is the only spec I like to play and cuz they get cool pets.  No BoAs.

In Conclusion

At least one of each race – check x2

At least two of each class – check

All my 2012 characters to at least 10 – Work in Progress

All my story characters to at least 20 – Work in Progress

I know others have mentioned this and I know many are now raiding in the Twitterland group, which I have not delved into.  So I wanted to throw out there that I am always happy with company, whether I am solo or doing dungeons or whatever.  So if anyone wants to chat, I have the same email for my contact here as on my RealID on WoW.  Just please be sure to put a note in the request – including your online/Blog/WoW character name.

~ Effy


  1. JD Kenada

    Psst…that Prot Gnome is a WarRIOR not a WarLOCK. 😀


    Something tells me my progress report isn’t going to be anywhere near as positive as this and I was a mile behind you to begin with! I’m hoping to boost some characters this weekend to offset what has been a rather up and down affair in terms of leveling time. Too much blog (95% of which requires logging in and transmogging) related activity lately!!!

    • JD Kenada

      Also, I plan to do the “to level 10” for sure. Knowing me, 20 is a given as well.

      • Yah, 20 is preferable, but 50 is a lot of characters. 🙂 So I will be happy with ten for the characters that I decide I am only semi-interested in. (Cuz I am not sure I can play a Goblin for more than ten levels…)

        ~ Effy

    • Thank you for the Birthday wishes! 🙂

      Warrior is fixed. *blush*

      And it is really a matter of time and what exactly you are leveling. If I were leveling my 78 Death Knight and my 80 Rogue (like I probably should be), it would be slower. Also, I have had far too much freetime this past week or so. In all honesty, I feel I could have accomplished more – since I can spend the better part of an evening working on an outfit. 😛

      Like you said, it is a challenge, not a race. A personal goal. Level when you can, blog when you can, and make sure you are having fun, not turning this into a second job. 😉

      ~ Effy

      • JD Kenada

        I work on this (in my head) AT my first job, so I would say it’s still quite fun to me. Getting to know more of my fellow bloggers, and interacting more and more also keeps it fun.

        I know what you mean about working on an outfit. Some I can bang off in no time and others take more finessing (or scrapping completely because that final component simply doesn’t exist and I’m a stickler for details). That said, I was happy that my Plate Model only took two hours to knock off the four outfits.

      • Yah, my lunch time is my favorite time to read or write Blog posts. 🙂 And that is usually about the time I get an idea for a piece I want to build an outfit around at home.

        ~ Effy

  2. O.O
    Wow, Effy, you are a leveling MACHINE! And here I thought I was doing well to have leveled *one* of my toons from 34 to 54 in the past month, and to have broken the 1400 mark overall 😛

    For me, a character has to reach level 10 and have a spec before she becomes “real”, and she has to reach level 20 and get her mount before I consider her “permanent”… or at any rate, worth spending real money to change her server, race, or faction rather than simply re-rolling.

    I can easily spend all day in WMV working on stuff for a fashion post. Fashion in WoW is so fun to do, but it is also so time-consuming! My Top Plate outfits only took a couple of hours, but that’s because I already had a general idea of what I wanted to do for most of them before I even sat down to play with MogIt.

    • Yah, that is about the same for me – 10 for me to really consider it a character, and 20+ means I am fairly series about leveling it.

      Speaking of putting together outfits! I have not wrote the post for my Outfit Friday!

      ~ Effy

  3. Great googly moogly! You have been busy! I seem to spend a great deal of my time getting characters to about 8 and losing interest in them although that fire Mage I made just got to 10 and is now officially a Fire Mage!

    Happy belated Birthday!

    • Thanks, Ancient! 🙂 Grats on your Fire Mage!

      See? That kind of goes along with the Level 10 thing Kamalia and I were discussing. I think even though the fight from 1 to 10 has gotten a lot easier since Cata, a character is not really its class until Level 10. They all have the same bolt or melee attack until 10. Getting all the way to 20 is not a fool-proof, but a fairly good indicator that you will enjoy playing a certain toon. As long as you picked the right spec for your gameplay. 🙂

      Have fun playing with Fire!

      ~ Effy

  4. OMG I missed this post Effy! Happy Belated Birthday! And that levelling, it burns my eyes!!! You are amazing, you and Kamalia really and truly DO MY HEAD IN!! 😛

    Thank god I was trolling my fave blogs for some inspirations in my blogroll highlights or I would have totally not seen this post.

    • Haha! I am always happy to be trolled by you. 😉

      I must have been sending Tauren-vibes, cuz I am running around on my baby Tauren Pally.

      Cannot wait to see what you have seen this week in the Blogosphere. 🙂

      ~ Effy

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