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All My Gnomies Gettin’ Their Mog On

Euphyley of WoW Rare Spawns made a comment about the difficulty of mogging a Gnome.  As I was replying in agreement, the thought hit me… maybe they are, but I wanted to see for sure.

Felfire Set

The outfit in question was part of my most recent Warlock series – the Felfire Set, above.

I think this looks quite good on a Gnome.  I think Gnomes usually end up looking best in a robe.

Hellfire Set

I think the staff is a little too large, and covering part of the robe in this shot, but otherwise, I like it.

Soulreaper Set

The cuuuutest Grim Reaper EV-er.  But do not pinch her cheek, she will probably cut you in half.

Cloudwalker Set

These four are Effy’s sets from the Azeroth’s Next Top Plate Model.  Maybe I should have entered Tøggle.  😉

I think this is one of the better ways to show some skin on a Gnome.  However, I am not sure I like those shoulders.  They are a tad awkward.

Death's Embrace

This set actually looks pretty good – except the booties.  Those would have to go.  lol  Rack this up to another pair of shoulders that look good on a Gnome.

Pretty in Pink Set

I did not realize how cute Female Gnomes are in this robe!

Bounty Hunter Set

Not bad at all!  The shoulders are a lil large, but workable.  More proof that the Judgement recolor is just a great set.

Windfury Set

Above is an outfit that does not require too much more “compression” – the Windfury Set from my Dwarf.

It suddenly makes me very sad that Gnomes do not have any mail-wearing classes.  Damn you, Blizzard!

Hopeless Romantic Set

Here is Tøggle in the Hopeless Romantic Set.

And another cute set of mail!  Everyone say it with me: Awwww!  How cute!  These headbands do not go great with her hair cut, though.

Primal Elements Set

Here is Effy’s Primal Elements Set.

Okie, okie, I agree this one looks a lil ridiculous.  This looks like a hand-me-down from a much larger sibling.  hehe

Sunwalker Set

Here is my Sunwalker Set from my Tauren.

This set compressed very well.  It looks really good, even the shoulders.  Every time I see this outfit, I convince myself a lil more that I should just go with the Enchanted Thorium Breastplate.  It will be a serious pain to get, though.

Bloodletting Set

The above and the next two are Tøggle in my DK outfits, the green set being from my update.

This set just looks good.  Caeridwen still needs those darn shoulders, though.  The chestpiece could use a change for Tøggle, it looks kind of saggy on a Gnome.  :/

Frostblade Set

I like this one, too.  I think she looks good in blue plate.  This chestpiece is better than the red.

Plaguebringer Set

Not bad, but I do not think I like her in the green quite as much.

Ravenwing Set

This is the Ravenwing Set, from my Druid.

I think this proves this hood looks horrible on a Gnome.  The rest of the outfit is okie, but the feathers do not really seem to fit her.

Black Arrow Set

My Hunter’s Black Arrow Set.

Damn, I really like this one on her!  Damn it being mail…

Shadowblade Set

Next, my Rogue’s Shadowblade Set.

I like this.  Those shoulders are so great.  I think if I did put this on a Gnome, I would change the boots to match the pants, though.

Fashionista Set

Lastly, is my Druid’s Fashionista Set.  That is not the official name for it, but the closest I came to considering I never posted it as an official set.

I think it is rather cute on her, but does not fit a Gnome at all.  It has a tribal feel to it – it would probably fit a Tauren well.  But Gnomes are too interested with machines and inventions, such a primitive look is not appropriate.

So there is a rundown of all the outfits I have created for my characters on a Gnome.  Maybe that is the solution – create a nice outfit on a taller figure and put it on a Gnome and change as necessary.  It is not a bad hypothesis.  I may have to play some more.

~ Effy



  1. euphyley

    Haha omg! They should definitely stick to robes! The lock stuff doesn’t look bad at all, but the cloudwalker set…omg. It’s…just…words escape me, and I think my eyes are bleeding.

    • lol I agree that teeny-tiny pieces of armor, like that chestpiece, do not quite look good on a Gnome. 🙂

      ~ Effy

  2. Along the lines of the Putress (“Soulreaper”) set on a gnome, try warlock tier 4 (Voidheart) on a gnome or dwarf. Cutest Voidwalker ever! 😀

    • Oooh! I bet that would be cute! I have not played with the Voidwalker set much, since I have not seen a way to improve upon it. 🙂

      But I will have to dress up my Gnome some more.

      ~ Effy

  3. JD Kenada

    I’m swearing because you KNOW what my next racial transmog post is…

    • Oh damn! I swear that was not why. :/

      It was cuz of what Euphyley said about mogging her Gnome…

      I am so sorry. 😦

      ~ Effy

      • JD Kenada

        I should have done *playful fist shake*

        I mean, it’s amidst grumbling, but I just thought you were playfully one-upping me again. 😀

      • Awww, no, I was not trying to one up you again. It was more a matter of getting off on a tangent. 😛 heh

        ~ Effy

  4. Can I just say how ADORABLE they all are????
    I just wanna pick one up and hug it! Even though personally gnomes drive me NUTS

    • Yah, these all kind of make me think of a lil kid playing dress up in Mom’s closet. 🙂

      ~ Effy

  5. Now that I’ve seen these examples, I think perhaps I like that plate bikini style chestpiece best on Gnomes over all the other races.
    The Cloudwalker set would definitely need some other shoulders, though.

    My favorite, however, is the “Druid Fashionista” set because it makes me think of the mythical Sand Gnomes!

    • You know, I did not even think of that… Sand Gnomes or Pygmies. That set would be appropriate there. Replace the headband with that Pygmy mask like when you drink too much Pygmy Oil. hehehe

      ~ Effy

  6. One word: Stunning!

    Okay, two: wowzah!

    • Yah, who knew that Gnomes could be so cute playing dress-up?

      ~ Effy


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