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Warlock Set x3

Hey! I was resting! What's the big deal!?

Good Morning and Happy Friday, everyone!  And yes, that means it is Outfit Friday!

I have something special once more.  I enjoyed creating a separate outfit for each of the DK specs so much, I have decided to do it once more with my Warlocks.  So Æthelwúlf and Raeviin get some love today.  🙂

Undead Warlocks start with a robe that looks identical to the Ritual Shroud, so that was my first piece of inspiration.  My second was purple and green – because these seem to be the primary colors that make me think of Warlocks.  The third inspiration was the staff from the Level 20 Warlock quest – the Staff of Justified Sins.  That made me think Grim Reaper, which led to my favorite Worgen outfit so far.

~ Effy

Female Undead Warlock - Front

Female Undead Warlock - Back


Raeviin – Hellfire Set

Female Undead Warlock - Front

Female Undead Warlock - Back

Terokk's Shadowstaff

Raeviin – Felfire Set


Male Worgen Warlock - Front

Male Worgen Warlock - Back

Staff of Justified Sins

Æthelwúlf – Soulreaper Set


  1. euphyley

    They all look wonderful. I especially like the felfire set, it really stands out. This post makes me wish my warlock wasn’t a stubby gnome. Transmog is ruined on her. *pouty face*

    • Yah, I feel green and purple really define a Warlock.

      As for Gnomes, I think they require a little more work to build an outfit for. You cannot focus on legs or hands or feet. Torso, shoulders, weapon, and cloak are really the only helpful place to focus. That makes me want to test out this outfit on a Gnome, hmmm.

      ~ Effy

      • These are all really great outfits. I’d probably go for the red one or the purple & green one for my own ‘Locks.

        I, too, feel like purple and green are a really classic Warlock color scheme, so much so that the only characters of mine that I think would possibly want the purple and green Tallstrider mount from the Darkmoon Faire are my Warlocks.

      • Well, the Soulreaper set was inspired by the Level 20 Warlock quest. I had to build something around a staff that looks like a scythe! And I was happy to see it has a helm that actually looks good on a Worgen. So many of the helms look so bad on them. I usually stick to headband-style or nothing.

        I like the red because it used a robe identical to the robe Undead Warlocks start with. But the green and purple is my favorite. In fact, I might play with it some more and see what other combinations I can create an outfit with in those colors.

        ~ Effy


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