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Night of the Leapus??

File this in "WTF is Blizzard smoking??"

Okie, I swear neither Effy nor I have had any alcohol or drugs, but this is the craziest thing I have ever seen (in game)!

There we were, just minding our own business, flying around and getting some screenshots for a short story…

When all of the sudden…

Giant bunny wielding an axe?!?!

^ Normal size bunny

Cute, cuddly, cut your digits off bunnies were not even the weirdest part…

Mutant prairie dogs too??

^ Normal prairie dog

Oh, and there were rats too.  Why did it have to be rats?!

Let's keep cool, rat-dude. No need to point those at me!

^ Normal size rat

These not-so-little buggers are crazy!  They were bounding around the plateau killing each other!  I have never seen critters kill each other.  Every time I would try and get screenshots so this was not just the ramblings of a lunatic, the critters would stash the weapons, shrink to normal size and twitch their noses all innocent-like.

And I cannot figure out where they are getting these giant critter creating arms.

I am here now to spread awareness of this dire threat looming on our horizon.  This is surely the next big raid!  No pandas, no giant mantis-creatures, no Old Gods!  Just giant, feral Level 1 critters wielding our own weapons against us!

Do not trust that cute face...

I say we mount an attack, before this situation gets more out of control than it already has!

No one would suspect serene, out of the way Mulgore...

Or maybe this is just some Blizzard Dev’s idea of a good laugh?

Well, this is little guy is not laughing...

~ Effy


  1. A Critter Arms Dealer has infiltrated Mulgore! Sound the alarm!
    “flying around and getting some screenshots for a short story…” Yay!

  2. …That is randomly awesome. O_O

    And darnit, now I’m going to have to dig out my main when I get home so I can fly over and check it out myself! *grin* I love all the little easter eggs they’ve hidden in this game (like the singing Fairy Dragon circle). 😀

    • I love the fairy circle! It reminds me of hiking around my grandfather’s cabin up north. Whenever we would go up to visit – holiday or otherwise – Mom and I would disappear for a few hours and identify fairy circles and fairy castles (usually an exceptionally interesting rotted tree stump). Circular mushroom formations still fascinate me. 🙂

      ~ Effy

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