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BBB’s Writing Challenge!

Oohh!  I find this very exciting!  Big Bear Butt has thrown down a challenge – a writing challenge!

It is at once an open challenge, being open to any format: short story, poem, limerick, etc.  And at the same time, very specific.  In his words…

Whatever you choose to do must incorporate within it in some way the following words;

  1. juicy
  2. slender
  3. vain
  4. shaft
  5. torch
  6. star
  7. hidden

Bear has also requested that everyone participating in his challenge hold off publishing their piece until:

Next Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Those who want to participate, but do not have a blog, are welcomed to post their piece in the comments of his post.

I even love Bear’s reasoning behind this challenge, which is two-fold.  First of all, he is coercing new work from the members of his blogroll.  (Subtlety?  Bear’s got it.)  And second, he sees this as a way for participants to see that they each have their own voice, which I find brilliant.  I agree that writing on the same topic (or incorporating the same words) is a good way to see individuality shine through.

The Shared Topics from Blog Azeroth are also a good example of this, and I plan to step up and accept this challenge.

But back to Bear, whom I seldom get such an obvious chance to share my opinion of!

(And if you wish to avoid hearing me soap-box, please feel free to STOP READING HERE.)

Bear is my favorite kind of writer (or friend, for that matter) – he is honest.  Blunt is as good a word as any sometimes, but it is something I find refreshing.

I dare say my own honesty is what gets me into trouble more often than naught, but it is an outstanding characteristic in a human being as far as I am concerned.  Sure, honesty means sometimes feelings get hurt, but it also provides a peace of mind.  My honest friends are the ones who tell me if I have something in my teeth after lunch and who will tell me to my face if a hairstyle or piece of clothing is unflattering on me – and not behind my back.

Those are the people I prefer close to me.  Because these little things, I wholly believe they reflect equally on the bigger things.

I did not give my opinion originally as far as saying what you mean versus expressing what you meant.

Personally, I think we all spend so much time worrying about how people will take what we say, we lose sight of what we originally intended to express in the first place.  Very seldom do I publish a blog post that is very personal to me, but the few that I have were not written thinking about what others would think of my words and thoughts.  They were written because they were my personal thoughts.

Sure, I do not intend to attack or offend anyone, and were I to do so, I would give an honest apology.  But retracting my own thoughts, my own feelings, this is being dishonest to myself.

And if I cannot be honest with myself, then I have no chance of being honest to others.

Just my two cents and what I should have expressed much sooner.


<cheers and salutes Bear>

~ Effy



  1. Ah Effy, reading this highlights all of the reasons I think you’re awesome. That and of course because we won first prize together in something, which means I get to be awesome just like you 🙂

    • I am all for being the awesome-twins! Hey, Effy and Navi both have horns and tails. So we are like sisters! ❤

      ~ Effy

  2. I’m excited about this too! It means there’s going to be some reading to be had from some of my favorite writers!

    • Agreed! I look forward to the resulting posts! 🙂

      ~ Effy

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