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Missionaries of the Light

Happy Friday, Blogosphere!

With the introduction of Mog Madness this week – I wanted to do some more clothie outfits.  And after the Draenei Paladins, I thought it would be interesting to do Priests.  Only, for my Priest series, instead of outfits by spec, I decided to do outfits by race.  (Because I really only play a Priest as Disc.)

I know I am missing a few races who can be Priests, I will probably do a followup to this post at some point.  But I used the races I currently play as a Priest (with the Taurens thrown in just because I am starting to like putting together outfits for them).  Since I am not going by spec, I am also naming the outfits by racial names, so I went with the easiest races in that respect.

Caerise is my Blood Elf Priest.  Sifaol is my Worgen Priest (and my very first Priest).  Brizaeyl is my Night Elf Priest.  And I do not have a Tauren or Draenei Priest, story-wise, so I left names off of them for simplicity.

Brizaeyl is the last, though, because my vision for her outfit was… complicated.

~ Effy

Female Blood Elf Priest - Front

Female Blood Elf Priest - Back

Golden Staff of the Sin'Dorei

This outfit was the easiest – I already knew exactly which robe and staff I wanted to use, and I recently saw a Night Elf Priest in the robe with the Girdle of Prophecy.  It fit so well that I had three pieces before I ever opened MogIt.

Palette Color: Red

Caerise (Blood Elf) – Sin’Dorei Set

Female Worgen Priest - Front

Female Worgen Priest - Back

Staff of Earned Tranquility

This outfit was fairly easy.  I over-complicated it originally, and ended up almost exactly back with what she is already wearing (the Black Set).  When all was said and done, I only changed her cloak and hid the headpiece.  The Redoubt Cloak ties into the black with silver trim in the rest of the outfit much better than the original cloak.

Sifaol is a Worgen, and very early on Worgens get a wonderful staff – the Staff of Earned Tranquility.  This staff has one twin – the Chillwind Staff – for those non-Worgens interested in the model.

As for the robe, if I had my choice, I would use the Gilnean Acolyte’s Robe.  Unfortunately, it is not moggable, and has no moggable twin that I have been able to find.  <sad face>  The Black Velvet Robes were a next best.

I tried a lot of shoulders and headpieces.  Either I could not get them in a color close enough to match the black/grey or they were huge and awkward-looking.  I really wanted to make the dark version of Absolution or Avatar work, but it was not to be.  I might play with Avatar some more, but the Absolution shoulders are just too big for my liking.  Or perhaps I will just play with them on another race.

Palette Color: Black

Sifaol (Worgen) – Gilnean Set

Female Tauren Priest - Front

Female Tauren Priest - Back

Spirit of Sunset

Taelya - Level 1 Tauren Priest

I could have just used Vianessa for the model, but I was curious what Tauren Priests start in.  So I created Taelya.  I like the name, and I like that she is a white-furred Tauren.  She might just stick around.  (Darn all you female Tauren players making me all interested in them!)

There is no identical match in moggable form for the robe, which is unfortunate, because I is a very nice robe.  There is the Barbaric Cloth Robe (purplish) or the Aboriginal Robe (rusty reddish), but I wanted something more earth-toned.  I almost went with the Ancestral Robe (same skin, but tan-colored.  But the shoulders were the toughest part, and when I found some that were not too huge, too awkward, or clipping badly, I thought they went best with the green robe.

And the staff was just too perfect.  It is a Priestly looking staff, and it is in the image of the sun, which is where a Tauren’s Priest and Paladin powers come from.

Palette Color: Green

(Tauren) – Shu’Halo Set

Female Draenei Priest - Front

Female Draenei Priest - Back

Exodar Life-Staff

Once I started working on Priest sets, I got all sad about not having a Draenei set.  So here it is.  🙂

This outfit was built around Prophet Velen’s staff, and was surprisingly easy to assemble.

I love the decorative robe and it’s matching shoulders.  The cloak is shown in this picture, because it goes well, but I would still probably hide the cloak, as I hate the way cloaks bend on Draenei and I hate to cover her tail.

Palette Color: Purple

(Draenei) – Prophet Set

Alternate - Pauldrons of Sufferance and the Cloak of Cheerful Flowers

When I started this outfit, I had no idea how hard it would be to match pieces to this robe.  For some reason, I did not want to use the matching shoulders (the Pauldrons of Sufferance – above), which obviously look good with the robe.

Note: the two alternates (above and below) are pictured with the Cloak of Cheerful Flowers.

I wanted to use THESE shoulders (below)!  These shoulders would look PERFECT!  Damn you, Blizzard, for taking out all the original Naxx gear and replacing it with sorry imitations of a Level 80 variety.  <sigh>

Shoulderpads of Faith

Anyway… here is the outfit I finally put together.  Still using some gorgeous winged shoulders, but of a slightly different color, which required changing the cloak to draw the outfit together.

Female Night Elf Priest - Front

Female Night Elf Priest - Back

Staff of the Hallowed

I love this robe, and it and the Pauldrons of Sufferance are on my original Brizaeyl on Wyrmrest Accord.  But I wanted to spice it up a little, and after a lot of mixing and matching, I think I have.  🙂

Palette Color: Blue

Brizaeyl (Night Elf) – Kal’Dorei Set

Races I Should Probably Add Soon So No One Feels Left Out or Sends Me Hate-Mail (JK)


  • Dwarf
  • Gnome
  • Human


  • Forsaken
  • Goblin
  • Troll


  1. Gnome hatemail coming soon!!!! 😀

    Think my favourite of these has to be the Tauren.

    • LOL Yes, yes, Erinys. I should have expected as much. 😉

      But the biggest question: what to name the set??

      That is why I stopped where I did! I ran out of racial names to use for outfit names. A Troll set will likely be “Loa” related… but then, I am lost after that. Add to that, I used different colors for all of them. I am running low on colors. 🙂

      But I promise I am working on it!

      ~ Effy

  2. JD Kenada

    Yeah, as a main Dwarf Priest I scream FOUL.

    Having said that, the Draenei looks the best of the lot by a great deal in my eye.

    • Well, come up with a good Set name for a Dwarf Priest… I am trying! 🙂

      ~ Effy

      • JD Kenada

        Light Of The Mountain

        …n00b!!!! 😉


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