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City of Mages Set

No, it is not Friday yet.  Sorry.  I promise to still have an Outfit Friday post.  🙂

BUT today is the deadline for Mog Madness, Round 1!  So if you have not already submitted your cloth outfit, send it to JD Kenada at arcanewordsmith@gmail.com or post a link to your blog post in the comments of his post.  JD Kenada, Ancient and I are looking forward to judging Round 1!  May the best outfit win!

I decided since I actually have this set on, instead of creating one I want to acquire, I would do the screenshots in more of a Go Mog Yourself type of style.

Maeyv’s outfit is based on the outfits of the various Mages around Dalaran, because as a story character, she is a (former) Kirin Tor apprentice.  And yes, Cat is part of the outfit (and Maeyv’s stories).  🙂

I am pleased with the outfit as it is very close to other Mage outfits, but there are two pieces I am not 100% sold on yet.  If I made any changes, it would be to change the shoulders back to the Runecloth Shoulders, or to replace the belt with the Send-Off Belt.  I looked and looked for the actual belt the Kirin Tor are wearing, but I seemed able to find it in every color except the purple/yellow.

~ Effy

Dalaran Mage 🙂

Another Dalaran Mage 🙂

Maeyv – City of Mages Set


  1. JD Kenada

    Awesome. I absolutely love that first shot, too.

    I’ve debated using the Lesser Wizard’s Robe a few times with my Mage but always come up just shy of completing an outfit for him because there’s always something about it I don’t like. In this case, Monsieur Frost Mage of mine would cast me in an ice tomb if I put the pointy hat on him.

  2. Ditto about the first shot – like, as in, I wish I had more computers for that to be a screen shot awesome.

    /applause! love it!

    • @JD Kenada @Matty:

      Yes, I wanted to get a shot on her pretty carpet, so flew around in circles for a while before I noticed this great spot near the landing pad.

      ~ Effy

  3. New link location, just to be sure you guys will see it, I am submitting it here as well:

  4. Nice set! These are all great pictures, but yeah, the first one is the bestest. 😀

    • Indeed! I am glad I finally got a chance to showcase an outfit my toon is actually wearing and show some action shots (even though the pics are of my Priest and not actually Maeyv *sigh*). Obviously, I need to expend a little more effort into leveling my characters so they can actually wear their outfits… But then I would have to stop making outfits! :/

      ~ Effy

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