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Woot, Caeridwen!


So after literally about five weeks of farming everyday (I think I missed a few days in there, though), I have FINALLY acquired the last piece of Caeridwen‘s Bloodletting Set!  I have been exalted with the Consortium for about two weeks now.  But finally, Nexus-Prince Shaffar dropped my Swift Pauldrons of Retribution.  Now, if you notice on the WoWhead entry for these shoulders, Shaffar supposedly has a 17% chance to drop these.  I cry foul!  Five weeks of daily farming does even come close to striking me as a 17% drop rate item.

But anyway… Caer has her full set!  And needless to say, there were many happy exclamations proclaimed in guild chat.  🙂

Oh!  And in the process of acquiring her boots, which drop in Stratholme, she was lucky enough to get the boots and the Deathcharger’s Reins!  (Apparently, she used up every iota of luck she ever possessed on that run!)  I think this just tops off her outfit perfectly!

Woot, Caeridwen!

~ Effy

Caeridwen and my second favorite Night Elf DK - Siouxsie, the Banshee.


  1. Congrats! She looks awesome!

    • Thanks, Kamalia! I will certainly feel better once I fix those fuzzy pics, though. :/

      ~ Effy

  2. draynee52

    Congrats on the shoulders and the mount! The whole look is perfect Blood DK, no need to inspect you for a spec. I “farmed” the Deathcharger for like two hours once, and, uh, yeah… Here’s hoping to having luck like you one day 😉

    • Thanks, Draynee!

      You know, the funny yet frustrating part about playing too many toons is the fact that my main does not have a lot of the rarer mounts – Deathcharger, Headless Horseman’s mount, the Brewfest Kodo… but my scattered alts do. 😦 Effy is my most played toon, and has farmed several rare mounts over and over with no luck. But at least it matches Caer as a DK really well, so I am happy about that.

      ~ Effy

  3. Stunning, haunting, and eternal —

    simply gorgeous!

    • Thanks, Matty!

      Since transmog came out, and even when I was living it up in RP world, I have wanted to put together a great outfit for the Massacre Sword! Effy the DK ran around with it for sometime, but never had the “perfect” outfit to compliment it. Now, I am feeling pretty accomplished!

      ~ Effy

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