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Bear Butt in Training

Reminded me of the big dog and the Chihuahua on Looney Tunes: "Hey, boss! Hey! Hey! What are we doing tonight, boss? Huh? Huh?"

With Mog Madness now deep into Round 2, I decided to put together my own outfit around Marrowstrike.  (Which BTW, I am also still working on farming, as the jousting in ToC5 is still the most annoying thing EVER, and apparently near-impossible to solo.  I detested it at level 80, and it appears I still do.)

It was hard to decide whether to work on an outfit for my Hunter, Vaadaree, or my Druid, Solaes.  So I made outfits for both in MogIt.  In the end, my cute kitty-cat Druid won.  (Although, Vaadareee looks quite good in the outfit I put together, and once I make my post, I will be sure to include both of them.)

I love random video glitches! It's SUPER BEAR!

Farming has become an amusing combination of Bear and Kitty.  Upon Swipe/Thrash/Mauling another group of BC-level mobs, it accorded to me while looting I was staring at Solaes’ big bear butt!  It reminded me of a recent post from Mr. Bear about Disney character butts, and so I felt I had to share!

I am somewhat embarrassed to admit I caught myself exclaiming "Bear Butt!" more than once.

She is just a bear butt in training, though, as I have not tanked with her since Wrath.  And oddly, I do not recall their being a CD on Swipe, which makes me kinda sad.  😦  But tearing from one end of a big azz hallway to the other and swiping a couple dozen mobs feels pretty darn good, and at least with 20-some beating on me, I do not have to worry about Rage.  hehe

Hopefully, I will have an exciting post with a completed outfit for you all soon!

~ Effy


  1. Your cat and my cat, we are twins! My Druid practically lives there, still trying for her Reins of the Raven Lord.

    • Oh gosh, yah. And the Raven Lord fight is so annoying too! Tear him up then… immune, immune, immune… Aww, cmon! Can’t you just let me kill him?? 😛

      ~ Effy

  2. LOL and I thought I was the only druid who didn’t have Anzu 🙂

    • Yah, you may not require having a Druid with the quest with you anymore, but good lord, that mount takes some serious patience. The big white chicken from Magister’s Terrace too! But as Horde, that is probably not as high a priority as it is for me over on the Alliance side… he is my only chance at a BElf chicken! 😉

      ~ Effy

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