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Blue Bird of Happiness

AKA The Building of an Outfit

Big Bird as the Blue Bird of Happiness, from the movie Follow that Bird

No, I did not forget Outfit Friday!  I had to try once more for Marrowstrike (though, unsuccessfully).

While putting together an outfit for Solaes to complement Round 2 of Mog Madness, I could not help but think of poor ol’ Big Bird – dyed blue, stuck in a cage, and put on display.  He is so sad…  😦  Follow that Bird is a movie I would fear dates me, but I am a die hard cartoon and little kids’ movie fan.  It has been a few years since I have dragged a friend to go see a brand new one at the theatre (unless Harry Potter counts because I most certainly saw those all at the theatre), but I make the effort to watch them at some point – renting them or catching them on TV.

It is Outfit Friday, and today also happens to be the deadline for Round 2 outfits!  Last I knew, we had all but two of our 20 Round 2 contestants accounted for.  So if you happen to be reading this post – send them in all!  It has become clear that there will be no rest for the wicked and that judging will prove to get even more difficult as we progress!  But I look forward to the challenge, as everyone is putting great effort and creativity into these outfits.  What a wonderful experience!

As I mentioned, I had trouble deciding between my Hunter and my Druid, so I felt it would be only fair to post the outfit I was considering gathering for my Hunter.  (And I still may, as it turned out quite nice.)  In fact, Vaadaree actually means “blue” in Gujarati, because she is blue.  So a blue outfit is quite fitting.  I think this outfit would look fabulous with her spirit cat, Elysium.

Female Draenei Hunter - Front

Female Draenei Hunter - Back


Felglacier Bolter

Vaadaree – Cerulean Dream Set

As for Solaes’ set, it had several stages…

The first stage, was considering using the chest and shoulders from what WoWhead refers to as the Telhamat set – which is a stunning collection of various BC-level quest gear.  And they also happen to be a blue version of the pieces of the Berserker Set Solaes has been sporting for some time.  But I could not seem to find a combination that worked just right, because I had already become attached to legs and boots of the Stormrage recolor, and was already working on farming them.

So the first set I came up with, I was very pleased with.  It was bright and vibrant and I felt the pieces complemented one another nicely.  I also liked the fact I had found a way to use the wrists to pull it together, as the gloves I chose had a break in them and allowed the bracers to show through.

The problem arose when I recalled I had leveled Solaes through Uldum and had already done all of the quests for either pair of shoulders I wanted.  😦

Female Night Elf Druid - Front

Female Night Elf Druid - Back


Solaes – Take 1

The next stage was to swap my unattainable shoulders for something I was able to farm.  At first, I was keeping away from my Tier 11 shoulders, but they kept nagging at me.  So I began to play with them.  It quickly became clear that some other pieces with feathers would be necessary, or the shoulders looked very out of place.  So I purchased the Tier 11 gloves.  They made a huge difference, though, I found myself sad for doing away with my snazzy bracers.  <le sigh>  I also discovered I really like the pants to this set too.  Usually they are covered by the set’s robe, but with a chestpiece that was not a robe, they pop right out at you.  The belt and boots looked great, and I even found a nice chestpiece that matched the brown of the bottom half of the set.

The problem with this set became the pants, as I had spent all Solaes’ JP on the gloves and I was so intently farming the other pieces that Level 85 dungeon farming was out of the question.

Female Night Elf Druid - Front

Female Night Elf Druid - Back


Solaes – Take 2

My next attempt was to go back to the Stormrage recolor pants and boots, keep the Tier 11 shoulders and gloves, and move to a feathered chestpiece.  But once more, the pants disagreed with me.  It seemed Solaes was destined to be a pantless Druid!  (Though, one of my guildies keenly pointed out that Solaes’ Berserker Set is nearly pantless anyway.)

Female Night Elf Druid - Front

Female Night Elf Druid - Back

Solaes – Take 3

In and amongst this I was still desperately farming for the headpiece, which is a widely used skin, but the blue version is only available from a rare boss in Razorfen Kraul.  This would be no big deal – my Druid is 85, the rare boss sits in a spot not far from the entrance, and Razorfen is not a Heroic dungeon, so I can reset it as many times as I want.  However, there is that pesky dungeon cooldown.  I have not quite figured out the cutoff, but I think it is 10 or 15 per half hour.  (I do not really know, I just know I was in and out of that dungeon A LOT.)  What I do know, is over the course of five days, I locked myself out of Razorfen Kraul five times.  :/  Most of those times I gave up for the day.  But last night, I went back after raid and in only my second spotting of Earthcaller Halmgar in all that time, I got my headpiece!  Hooray!

The feathered chestpiece and belt, I already had, as well as the cloak.  So the only thing I was missing from Take 3 was the pants.

And yes, Solaes needs pants!

So finally, as much as I did not want to, I started browsing for a different pair of pants, and upon changing the pants, the boots had to go too.  As it turned out, I was frantically trying to get some semblance of a finished product together for this post and I was still flapping absently above the entrance to Razorfen Kraul.  So when I came upon some pants and boots available from a minimal amount of questing nearby in Dustwallow Marsh, I was pretty pleased!  The quests took no time at all, and viola!  I finally had pants!

I also like that the pants and boots are darker and less distracting from these great shoulders.

Female Night Elf Druid - Front

Female Night Elf Druid - Back


Solaes – On Azure Wings Set

After everything, though, I still do not have Marrowstrike or the Glaive of the Pit.  This is despite farming both ToC5 and Mag’s Lair (which required asking for help for both).

Since I do not have luck on my side in regards to the polearm, I missed my goal of a full outfit and an “action” (AKA non-MogIt) shot.  However, I did notice that my PvP polearm looks fairly good, in the meantime.

So there are my Marrowstrike ideas!  I cannot wait to do some more judging and then showcase the other ideas inspired by this polearm!

Keep a lookout on JD Kenada’s blog, Amateur Azerothian, for the results of Round 2 and the announcements for Round 3!

~ Effy


  1. I am in total awe of you and your creations! /bow

    • Hiya, Guild Mum! 🙂

      I am similarly awed by the gorgeousness of your Pygmy Gnome in Round 1! I look forward to seeing all that was put together for Round 2!

      ~ Effy

  2. Avi

    Love the outfits!! Transmog is wayyyy too much fun. 🙂
    My Avi is currently outfitted in something that one of my lovely guildes always tells me reminds him of something like Kiss… lol I’ve got the black dragonscale stuff going on, and a funky silver shield to go with it. I like it a lot, but I’ve worn it so long that I’m itching for a change. Really like the shaman t2 recolour, so I’ve got most of it already – but the darn kilt from Ramparts is being stubborn!

    • Yah, I hear you on stubborn BC drops. 😛 I swear those dungeons know exactly what you are there for and laugh at you. >< But I try and not let my impatience take away from the fun, because when those difficult pieces drop… that makes it even sweeter!

      But boy oh boy, is Transmog addictive!

      ~ Effy

  3. All of those outfits look awesome, but I think I like Vaadaree’s the best. The combination of Glyphed chestpiece + Stormrage recolor pants seems to be a really natural fit to go with this polearm. Beside your outfits here, I’ve seen at least one actual contest entry using the Glyphed chestpiece with its own pants, and Blog of the Treant’s “also-ran” idea and my own “also-ran” ideas, which I will be posting tomorrow, use the Glyphed chestpiece + Stormrage recolor pants.

    • Thanks, Kamalia! 🙂 Yah, throughout this week, looking through the entries and what I have flipped through on my own, I must agree that the Glyphed pieces and the Stormrage recolor make some great complements. The Stormshroud also looks real good, with similar patterns.

      The judging is going to be so tough! Go easy on us afterwards! 😉

      ~ Effy

  4. I tried to comment from work, but was unable to: these are masterful! I bow to thee!

    • They were such fun to put together, too! That dern polearm is still eluding me, though!

      ~ Effy

  5. Those outfits look awesome! Those leggings on your first draenei look amazing. Looking forward to seeing the competition Effy!

    • I agree, the legs match and have a lot of subtle lil things going on with them.

      JD should be posting the results later today! It is real exciting!

      ~ Effy


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