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MoP Wishlist – A Few More

Please note that despite my poor timing at posting this, this is no April Fool’s!  These are the things I am seriously hoping for with MoP.  <crosses fingers>

A while back, I made a post about hoping the newest expansion would bring an increase in treasure chests!  Since that post, I have come up with a few more ideas of what I would really like to see, come Pandaland…

1. Allow Hunters to Tame ALL “Beasts”

I can haz pink dino?

Time for a quick story about a wee lil Hunter and her quest for the perfect pet…

The first alt I really played on WoW was my Hunter.  My poor Hunter, who has lived through neglect, server changes, name changes, race changes, even faction changes…  She was my second max level toon, which was Level 80 at that time – a long time ago in a snowy region far, far away.  But when she was but a wee hunter and a Night Elf, I had a goal – to tame the perfect pet for her.

Upon my wanderings while leveling Effy, I came to the scorched and barren lands of the Stonetalon Mountains.  There was where I found the PERFECT Hunter pet.

The glorious Pridewing windriders of Stonetalon

He was beautiful.  He was majestic.  And most importantly he was a “beast” which equals tameable by Hunters!  I was immediately taken by the beautiful windriders in Stonetalon.  I scrambled and quested and leveled and dungeoned my wee Hunter until finally, she was big enough for the Stonetalon Mountains, and to tame the wild windriders of the peaks!

I put my pet in the stable, and against all better judgement, made my way petless to Stonetalon.  I had memorized where the windrider nests were, and I made my way oh so carefully.

And then, I was there!  I could see the nests, and then my breath caught as I saw the graceful windriders soaring amongst their young.

I ran fearlessly up to the face of one prime specimen of his race.  His fur was tawny and soft-looking, and in contrast, his fangs and claws sharp and vicious.

I hit the Tame Beast button, pleased with myself and my decision.

The windrider attacked!  I desperately tried to sooth him and convince him that I did not want to hurt him.  His ferocious lunge, though graceful, impacted my wee Hunter and she fell beneath the creature, so protective of his home and mates and young, and died.

I blinked.  I did not understand what had gone wrong.  My Tame Beast had never failed me before!  Confused and still recovering, I more cautiously made my way back to the windrider aviary.  Keeping my distance, I secretly inspected the nearest windrider and discovered to my great dismay: Untameable.

Far and wide, the most disappointing word to a Hunter.

Alas, I will just have to remain happy with my Windrider Cub for now. Pic from WarcraftPets.

Now, I am aware at this point that neither windriders nor gryphons are tameable by Hunters.  I have also come to learn that there are numerous other creatures classified as “beast” that are also untameable – the most prominent of these being every dinosaur other than T-rex’s and raptors.  This makes me sad in many cases.

With so many changes planned for Mists of Pandarian, please Blizzard, I firmly request: make all “beasts” tameable!

2. Give Toons a Third Spec

One, Two... Three?

Every class in World of Warcraft has three general specs (except Druids, who technically have four… and which will be more prominent come MoP).  As grateful as I am for having the choice of a second spec, especially now that it is so easily accessible, I find myself forever wanting to play with that third spec!  My Shaman is Resto and Elemental, because I can get away with changing spec and not changing gear in certain circumstances – mostly solo questing, farming, and in old world raiding where I am not needed as a healer.  But more and more, I find myself wanting to tinker with Enhancement, and so I have made a new, wee Shaman.  But ultimately, with all that Effy already has available to her, I would much prefer to tinket on her.

I am running into the same with my growing Mage.  Fire is soo much fun!  But while leveling through Searing Gorge and Burning Steppes, I discovered some fire resistance mobs, and though this makes perfect sense to me that a character composed of flames would obviously not take as much damage from fire, I had never really run into this while leveling.  So I made my Mage an Arcane spec – which is also becoming very fun, and less volatile as far as sustained damage goes than Fire.  So now that I have discovered that there a two specs at 50ish that are quite fun, I am once more wondering about Frost!  It seems at low levels Frost Mages are missing some important abilities to make them really playable.  Which makes sense to me, since I was having no luck leveling as Frost before, nor PvP as such.  :/

So please Blizz, give us a third spec!

3. Scale Mana/Health Pots

10k mana to a 130k mana pool?? (And that is unbuffed.)

This particular request, I have to thank our guild’s #1, Mindalen, for.  She was doing some LFR, and flippantly mentioned that mana pots seem so very worthless at this point in the expansion, which sparked a bit of a conversation.  I think she is quite correct in this: at the beginning of Cataclysm, mana pots were my bread and butter, now I feel I am wasting time in chugging one.

What we were discussing was the idea of instead of mana pots (and health pots, for that matter) being a flat amount, perhaps they should scale.  Either with iLevel or the character’s mana pool.  Or even if there were a higher iLevel pot available.  Current expansion enchants and belt buckles and gems all have an iLevel requirement for the piece you are using it on, so perhaps pots could work the same.  Perhaps even progressively stronger pots for throughout the expansion.  I mean, I understand the idea of level-based pots, but once you get to max-level, there is such a huge discrepancy in health/mana pools between entry level and max raiding, especially by the end of the expansion, where we have gone through 3 Tiers of items, all gradually increasing our stats.

That said, please give us some more option in pots!  I know the Alchemists would love you for it!

(Oh, and as a small aside, as a healer – and even an Alchemist – and having mucked through leveling and entry Level 85 at the beginning of Cata, please please please make mana pots drop in the high level dungeons again!)

4. Remove the Instance Limit Cooldown

Don't you back talk me, WoW, transmog is srs bznz!

Now that transmogging is the big thing, and a bandwagon I am very happy to be on board with, it is becoming more and more noticeable the obnoxiousness of the instance restrictions.  I have not done the math (eww, math!) but it seems to me there is a limit of about 15 instances per half-hour? per hour?  Anyway, the one plus to finding an item to farm that is not in a Heroic dungeon (whereas I am limited to exactly one time per day) is being able to run the dungeon until I get my item.  That is unless those number of runs exceed the cooldowns amount, and I am stuck outside the instance swearing at the screen as it complains I have entered too many instances.

Please Blizzard, remove this instance restriction!

(And in addition, perhaps there could be a level cutoff where Heroics are no longer limited to one per day?  <bats eyes> )

5. No More Stubby Cloaks!

Stubby Cloaks are Eww. (And revel in my awesome cut/paste skillz!)

This request also comes from an avid transmogger, and as something that bothered me long before transmogging was even announced.

Let me ask this: is there anyway who actually likes stubby cloaks?  I am talking about the short, short cloaks that barely hang low enough to even show past a female toon’s hair (and some do not even hang that low!).  Slit cloaks, with the break all the way from top to bottom are deplorable too, but liveable at least.  Some of the best cloaks I have seen have been some of the recent cloaks (I am thinking the cloak rewards from the Level 85 Thrall quest line).  Some patterns I do not like, but that is preference.  I think we would all be happy with long cloaks that show some love of design.  The low-level cloaks (the long ones) are fabulous in a lot of ways, a lot of simple ways.  I would like to see more of those and the patterned cloaks from Wrath and Cata come the new expansion.

Please Blizzard, long cloaks!

Same great hoods that would benefit from being attached to a similar cloak. (Sorry about the boobs! Put a shirt on, Effy!)

(Lastly, one thing that would be fabulous?  Cloaks with hoods!  I am forever getting frustrated in trying to match nice hoods with similar cloaks, and even when I do find two that go well together, they always have that break between the hood and the cloak.  I would love to see hooded cloaks!  An option to put the hood up or down would also be great!  See Dark Age of Camelot hoods, for an example, they have a /slash command for the hood to be up or down.

This is about the best way to match up cloak and hood currently, for the most part, this only works with the solid hoods and simpler cloaks.

And while I am at it, I would love to see some more “fancy” cloaks – Sylvanas and the Wardens come to mind.  And it would make me so happy to have weapons for our characters that actually resemble true Night Elf glaives and the Wardens’ Moon Swords.)

~ Effy

Fancy Sylvanas cloak? Yes please.

Fancy Warden cloak? Yes please.

Do you have any thoughts in agreement or disagreement to some of my MoP requests above?  Do you have any further smaller items you would like to see come MoP?



  1. I would really like to see Blizz implement all these changes, but I think some of them are highly unlikely. Blizzard has repeatedly stated that they do not want to give us tri-specs, and I think the limit on the number of instances you can run in an hour exists partially to reduce server load. I also doubt that they’d go back and remove existing short cloaks from the game, but I hope they just stop making them in future.

    The issue with mana potions will partially solve itself, since intellect won’t increase the size of your mana pool in MoP. Mana will be fixed at a set amount at max level and at best you’ll be able to increase your spirit for better regen. I assume health pools will still increase with stamina though, so it will feel like health pots get less effective over the course of the expansion. (Not that many players use health potions, since there’s a 1-potion-per-combat rule and most people prefer to use mana or DPS enhancing potions.) However, I don’t expect Blizzard to make potions scale because I think they like the fact that potions only return a very small of each resource. It’s all part of making the game challenging, with the irritating side-effect of also making certain potions feel useless by expansion’s end.

    However, I agree wholeheartedly with your desire to tame all the things! Soooo many beasts that I want but cannot have. Why, Blizzard? Why? 😦

    • I prefer to think nothing is too farfetched after the announcement of transmog! But I am sure some of my ideas may be reaching a bit. Still, it never hurts to throw them out there! And that is exactly why I would love to see the thoughts of others… Even if it is CRAZY, what would you love to see??

      Good point about pots and mana levels come MoP. I do remember hearing that briefly.

      I am not too up and up about the Beta, as I have not been part of it so far, and even if asked, I will probably decline. I saw too much early-Cata burnout for me to want to put myself through that. Besides, I am the worst critic – I love all the things! Even when Shaman were so brutally underpowered at the beginning of Cata, I kept on keeping on. “Working as Intended” and all that. In all honesty, I still the the Shaman model was what they were aiming for with all the healing classes.

      I look forward to even the little items that may get overlooked until release when we all go “oohh” and “aahh” about all the new shinies!

      ~ Effy

      • Blizzard has changed its mind before, so we should never say never! Sooner or later they will bow to our collective pressure and give us all the features we want, right?

        I’m not in the beta yet either, though I do have an annual pass. I was in the Cata beta, and I had fun for sure — but it did somewhat reduce my excitement about the release. However, I was careful to limit how much I did on beta, so it wasn’t too bad. For example, I didn’t level to 85 at all because I wanted the quests to feel fresh the first time I did them on live. I flew through some of the new zones just to sightsee, but otherwise saved them for the release.

        I do plan to play around with the MoP beta a bit when I get in, but again I don’t want to spoil too much. Mostly I want a chance to play with the Pandarin character creation screen! I also plan to roll a Tauren Monk just to see how on earth they managed to animate the new Monk moves on a giant cow model. I’ll also probably try to be a bit of a Pandaria tourist, but without being able to fly that will likely be more dangerous than it was when I toured Cata. Oh, and I’m going to try out the new Druid minor glyphs! And also play around a little bit with Druid healing and planning out my UI, but that’s because being able to plan things out in advance will reduce my anxiety about having everything shift under my feet again.

  2. As I play Hunter, I so understand the first issue. I wish we could also tame more pets.
    And I think the mana pool will be fixed for MoP, int will give more power and spirit more regen (and there won’t be any more link between both stats)

    • I hope so! Two expansions (from my experience) of the end of expansion uselessness of pots, and I am all up for whatever ideas they have to help out. 🙂 I trust Blizzard, they always try to improve the game for the better.

      ~ Effy

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