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Exciting Update!

All Good Stuffed Animals Go to Heaven

For anyone who remembers my disjointed interjection of the Tale of Frank, I have an exciting update!  For those who who have no idea what I am talking about:

The only thing I have ever trusted myself to sew was my dog’s stuffed cow.

She is historically brutal on stuffed animals, especially those containing squeakers.  She is quite systematic about ripping the throat out of them and finding said squeakers and rendering them plastic confetti.

For a long time (in puppy-time, that is) Ender had a stuffed cow that she acquired through nefarious means but was allowed to keep after sufficiently “marking her territory” with her drool.  Over time, a leg or horn or such became torn, but mildly enough that some “skillful” intervention on my part prolonged the life of the poor thing.  My feeble sewing skills and my even more feeble “emergency” sewing kit came to the rescue many times, so many in fact, I eventually named him Frank (short for Frankenstein), because each time I fixed him I had to use a different color string, since my sewing kit only contained a tiny spool of each color, which was enough to enact the appropriate first aid once.

Poor Frank.  I wish his story had a happier ending, but alas, eventually Frank lost all his innards across my living room and kitchen and bedroom and Frank went to stuffed animal heaven.

In an exciting Soap Opera/comic book type twist – Frank is alive!  Somehow, I must have incorrectly remembered some other stuffed animal of Ender’s as being torn limb from limb as Frank – who disappeared for some time.  It turns out, Frank was packed away with some of Ender’s other toys that have been stored away for some time since my last few moves.  😛

Frankie, I think youse has some ‘splaining to do.

He is currently soaking in a much needed bath…  So updates soon!

~ Effy

In the meantime, here is my cute lil girl with another toy I thought lost - her Molecuball. She paused long enough to pose for me before going back to batting it around the house. Best. Toy. Ever.



  1. I like 🙂

  2. I’m sure Ender can’t wait to be reunited with Frank. I wish I could give our dogs nice toys, but the one destroys everything except for industrial strength Nylabones for powerful chewers so I guess it’s good he doesn’t visit Ender!

  3. Avi

    ack! what a cutie!!
    and we ❤ the molecuballs around here. and any other toy feeders (even tho Nadia has to have the puzzle game flipped around cause she's too teensy to actually move the pieces to get to the food the way it's intended lol). 🙂
    Glad you found Frank!

    • Thanks, all!

      Yes, poor, Ender… She sat at my elbow while I stitched him up this evening (one of his horns were becoming a bit worse for wear), but he is still air-drying for fear of trying to dry him by any electrical means. I am pretty sure she remembers Frank, and it should be a glorious two minutes of playing before her ADD kicks in and she wanders off to something else. hehe

      She has always been a power-chewer and rather destructive with her toys, but she is becoming more well-behaved in her old age. 🙂 Kongs, rope-bones, and hollow bones that I fill with peanut butter have always been good for lasting with her. Kongs work fairly similar as far is filling them with small treats or food, but I like the Molecuball because it requires her to work a little harder at tipping it… she has to think about it some. It is quite adorable to watch.

      I ❤ my puppy. 🙂

      But as for visitors, she is very good with other dogs – even with sharing most times. She usually sees her “cousins” on holidays. And visiting dogs could definitely expect a bully stick to keep them tied over for a little bit. 😀

      ~ Effy

  4. Awww, she’s adorable! My little guy is quite accomplished at destroying squeakers as well. If it doesn’t have one, though … he completely ignores it. I think he just wants to drive me crazy with the squeaking.

    • Yah, I have to wonder if destroying the squeaker is some sort of hunting instinct, because she always goes straight for the “jugular.”

      ~ Effy

  5. What a cute little dog! I can’t wait until me and my fiancé finally get our own place so we can have a dog (And a cat. And a ferret. We already have snakes). The only issue is G likes small terrier type dogs like Jack Russell’s and I like big dogs like German Shepherds.

    • Honestly, I have always been a big dog person, myself. My favorite dog as a kid was my friend’s German Shepard, Diesel. (Great dog, and great name!)

      But I came upon Ender while trying to convince my BF at the time that our new house was not complete without a puppy to run around it. There was an animal hospital in town, that occasionally had puppies. So he and I went up there, and discovered Ender and her sister. Ender happened to be the one I picked up first, because she was built more like a terrier, where her sister bore their Beagle traits more. She was barely bigger than the palm of my hands, and when her little tongue licked my nose, it was all over.

      My BF and I did up the paperwork and took her home a few days later.

      I guess my point is: when you are both ready and when you come across that perfect dog, he/she is more likely to pick you. ❤

      ~ Effy

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