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Introducing: Lorence

Lorence and Vaadaree - Thank you to Tome of the Ancient for her fabulous editing skills!!

One thing that came up along with this year’s April Fool’s Day items from Blizzard was a new line of children’s games.  Now, despite knowing they are but a joke <heavy sigh> I was quite inspired by the idea of the game Reader Ravager:

OMG, I so want to play a WoW Lore game!!

So in a spark of inspiration, I collected my Hunter’s red and purple Ravager pet from the stable, finally gave him a name (Lorence, get it!?  lol), and finished the red and purple Hunter outfit I had previously started assembling.  (Still not 100% happy with the boots, but we will see as I actually assemble the set.)  Then, I emailed Ancient and requested her far superior editing skills (one of these days, I will get Photoshop) to put them together!  So now, I have the perfect start to a logo for the project I am inspired with.

One of my favorite parts about writing short stories based on my WoW characters (fanfiction, if you would), is the opportunity to research some of the great lore that is present in the Warcraft world.  In fact, I find it nearly impossible to write a story without including some small portion of WoW Lore.  Up to this point, however, I have been inconsistent with linking to my research pieces at the end of my stories, and I mean to remedy that.

So from here forward, keep a lookout for Lorence, because whenever you see him, it will signify the presence of some lore!

~ Effy


  1. Can’t wait to see Lorence! It’s kind of like an Easter Egg Hunt, where’s Lorence!

    • *contemplates making Lorence a Waldo hat and sweater* 🙂

      ~ Effy


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