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Missionaries of the Light, Continued

Upon posting the first part of this “series” I feared I might get some amount of backlash over the races I missed.  Well, the voices of the Gnomes and Dwarves were heard, and I spent some time the other night putting together some more Priest outfits.

The outcome?  Now I want a Priest of each, just because I am very fond of all of the pretty outfits!

~ Effy

Female Undead Priest - Front

Female Undead Priest - Back

Engraved Gargoyle Femur

Undead Priest – Forsaken of Lordaeron Set

Female Troll Priest - Front

Female Troll Priest - Back

Loksey's Training Stick

Troll Priest – Darkspear Set

Female Goblin Priest - Front

Female Goblin Priest - Back

Staff of Restraint

Goblin Priest – Bilgewater Set

Female Dwarf Priest - Front

Female Dwarf Priest - Back


Dwarf Priest – Bronzebeard Set

Female Gnome Priest - Front

Female Gnome Priest - Back

Staff of Sorcerer-Thane Thaurissan

Gnome Priest – Gnomeregan Exiles Set

Female Human Priest - Front

Female Human Priest - Back

Ironstaff of Regeneration

Human Priest – Church of the Holy Light Set


  1. JD Kenada

    The Goblin edges out the Forsaken in this group.

    Not really feeling those shoulders on the dwarf to be honest…but I’ll always approve of the staff of the Sorcerer-Thane!

    • Really? I think the Forsaken is my favorite! I really like that mask on her. Also! – I was very happy to make a set with the Dragon Slayer robe from the Draenei zone.

      But it was tough to make six MORE Priest outfits! I am actually pretty pleased with all of them. I would wear them all.

      And *sigh* I am really tempted to make another Gnome… this one is so gosh dern cute!!

      ~ Effy

      • JD Kenada
      • I have rendered you speechless!

        ~ Effy

      • JD Kenada

        I don’t even…I didn’t even click reply. Weeeeiiirrrrrddd.

      • The only way is Gnome……!!!1!

      • Hehehe Yup, and I have to say, I never noticed the freckles! So cute!

        I have become quite fond of Gnomeregan Pride, and using during wipe recoveries while raiding. The giggles and the cheering are too cute to resist, and I have actually caught myself exclaiming a female Gnome “Hooray!” more than once. >< lol

        ~ Effy

  2. The undead and troll one are fantastic and thematically perfect for there respective races (of course, i’m also kinda giddy at you using the chest I used on the lock mog in round 1 of the contest 😀 )

    • Yah, I have always thought that a great skin as a robe, and so the idea of playing with the top with open choice of the kilt. I agree that is one of my favorites, and looks so perfect on a troll – colorful and primal. I started playing with it on the Forsaken and realized it would look better on a Troll – and it does! 🙂

      ~ Effy

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