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Elemental Mastery

Happy Outfit Friday!

This week, I have put together an outfit for Effy.  It is both to tie in with Mog Madness Round 3, and kind of with Easter, with its pastel quality.  (Okie, I made that last part up after the fact.)

I decided to go way out on a limb, and abandon my first thought, which was to stay with the brown of the outfit.  This is unusual for me, especially when it comes to Effy, as she is a fairly conservative dresser.  The tan/brown of the shoulders gave me all kinds of ideas, but as I was flipping through kilts, and saw teal, I knew that was the direction I wanted to go.  Nice part of about kilts, I can chose a similar but different chestpiece.

The belt is a little bold, but I like it a lot.  One, it still matches the browns present.  Two, OMG it is a SHAMAN belt!  Three, although it is a wide belt, it still conforms to her waistline, which is the turnoff of big, bulky belts.

The mace, I actually already own – bonus.  And the shield just finishes the look off with a little bit of everything, without being so bold as to take over.

Lastly, I would like to say something about the name of this set.  Yes, I am aware that there is a crappy LW’er leveling set called Tsunami, but that just makes me even more adamant about giving such a great name to a deserving Shaman set!  Tsunamis are devastating effects created by underwater earthquakes – natural disasters formed of the elements of both water and earth.  These happen to be the same two elements of greatest focus to a Restoration Shaman.

This… this is a Shammy outfit.  And this is what I think I am finally going to change Effy’s great T13 pieces for.

~ Effy

Female Draenei Shaman – Front

Female Draenei Shaman – Back

Royal Scepter of Terenas II

Ruthless Gladiator’s Barrier

Effraeti – Tsunami Set



  1. She does indeed look every inch the Shaman! Beautiful, as always 😀

    • Thanks, Kamalia! I think it will be a great outfit to put together for her, as I am currently back to to her T10 set. hehe

      ~ Effy

  2. Love the teal colour all through the set. I agree the belt is a bold choice but ties in with the dark colour of your hair. Your weapon and shield are a great match too. It’s always a nice bonus when you already have an item that fits so well in your inventory.

    I had no idea about shammie stuff and was having a lot of trouble with this round 😛
    Felt so good to actually publish my entry as it meant I could relax.

    • Thanks, Cymre!

      I feel bad about my slower than usual comment response, but it is mostly due to putting some solid time into the judging for Round 3. Wow – that is about all I have left! lol

      Using a mace I already had was actually accidental, as I was trying to make sure I chose a mace I could transmog. It gets frustrating having to check between one-hand, main hand, off-hand. *sad face* MogIt also has that wonderful little checkmark when you come across an item you already own, which is pretty nifty.

      ~ Effy

      • Yep, that’s definitely my tool of choice in game 🙂
        Look forward to seeing all the entries/winners soon.

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