Effraeti's RP

One Woman, Two Timelines, Two Destinies.

Happy Noble Garden!

Have you found the hidden Easter Egg pic yet?



  1. Nice drawing

    • Thanks!

      I usually avoid drawing people at all costs… especially hands. >< Effy's right hand is still awkward. *grumble*

      ~ Effy

  2. Alas, I have not– but I’m stubborn, so I shan’t give up! 😉

    Although I would like to argue that Lorence is Easter egg colored and therefore should count. *solemn nod*

    • Indeed! He is quickly becoming my favorite pet, because he is even more colorful than my pink Silithid. ❤

      But I promise the hidden eggs are on that front page somewhere. 😀

      ~ Effy

  3. euphyley

    What a wonderful drawing!! You’ve got some serious talent girl! =D

    • Thanks, Euphyley! 😀

      ~ Effy

  4. Wow, what a great picture! You should share your drawings more often!

    • I have been thinking the same thing lately. Writing, drawing, and reading are all some of those things I tend to go through phases of completely forgetting about them. But luckily, I seem to be on my way to be active in all three for once. 🙂

      ~ Effy

  5. No I have not found it sadly 🙂
    And that is a great pic Effy!

    • Thanks, Navi!

      I hope everyone got to enjoy the pic of Lorence with his Easter Egg hoard.

      ~ Effy

  6. NO! I can’t find any eggs except for the freebie Kamalia kindly gave us. I’m hopeless at this. Nevermind I’ll just look at the lovely drawing instead. Maybe you’ll decide to write a story and illustrate it for us!

    • Well, it seems you did better between this comment and today! 😀 Grats!

      And yes, perhaps illustrating is better then subjecting you all to my awful screenshots. 😉

      ~ Effy

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