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A Day Late and a Few Gold Short

The title says it all.  Here is my Outfit Friday post coming to you on Saturday!

More actual updates soon – promise!

In another incarnation of this outfit it was more green and purple, however then I realized it was all either the Scourgelord’s Battlegear or the Ruthless Gladiator’s Desecration – which BTW, are both great outfits for this tabard.  But when I create an outfit, I am firm about making sure I only have 3 or less of any set, because otherwise, I could just throw the set on and be done with it.

I chose the purple version of the tabard, because I feel it has better contrast than the green.  It and its matching cloak are the base for this outfit, with the sword (which I deem of perfect size for a two-hand) to complement the colors.  The remaining pieces all tie together with one another, without getting washed out by the green and purple of the accessories.

I picture this outfit as a Death Knight (version 1) soldier of the Burning Legion.  I think Caeridwen fits this profile well, as I am sure there were Night Elves who left their race to join Illidan, and once they fell in battle were raised as some of the original Death Knights.  (Though, this is 100% speculation, as I cannot seem to find any articles to back up such a hypothesis.)  Either way, I am sure there were Night Elves who fell to the Scourge attack and were raised.

Anywho…   Meet the Death Knight soldier, Caeridwen, Hand of Illidan…

~ Effy

Female Night Elf Death Knight - Front

Female Night Elf Death Knight - Back

Greatsword of Forlorn Visions

Caeridwen – Hand of Illidan Set

Scourgelord's Battlegear

Ruthless Gladiator's Desecration


  1. euphyley

    Those look excellent, I especially like the second and third sets. Everything just…works, REALLY well. I also like how the green glow on the sword compliments the green on the tabard. =D Verny nice!!!

    • euphyley

      and I can’t type today either…VERY nice…lol.

    • Yah, I had fun with the tabard, considering… the tabard was kind of my idea too. I have been wanting to do an outfit with the tabard of the Illidari. Of course, in my own defense, I was also suggesting the Tabard of the Achiever or the Shattered Sun.

      I actually modified the outfit, minus a tabard, today and I am hoping to post it soon©.

      ~ Effy

  2. Should have changed your hair colour to match Effy! Or covered it with a helm /grin
    I know how you love helms!
    Though I do like this set, it highlights the tabard very nicely. Makes it the centrepoint.

    • Actually, the hair is apparently quite important as Laz said she really had to keep the pink ponytails and was also adamant about no helm. Which I am okie with, cuz we all know how Effy feels about helms – and cloaks covering up tails! hehe So I will be posting her new outfit soon©.

      ~ Effy

  3. I farmed that sword for two weeks straight to go with a plate dungeon set, then discovered the colors are a complete mismatch – now I can see a use for it if I can bring myself up to more farming!

    • This sword also looks good with the outfit I put together today!

      Coming soon©!

      ~ Effy

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