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Updates on the Slacker

I must apologize to all my readers.  I know I have been slacking here.  In fact, I originally wrote not one but two posts in regards to this, but both were time-sensitive and got side-tracked to the point they were no longer viable.

The first I started on Friday, which was when everything got topsy-turvy.  It was a very cheerful post, but also mildly incoherent with all of my flailing elations at the time.  The second post I wrote on Sunday, whilst awaiting my family to gather.  Sunday’s post was really whiny, though, because I was anxious about Monday.  So instead, I a picture of Effy and posted that.

Believe me… far more cheerful than the post I was writing.  I was fixated on my anxiety, my unshakeable feeling of ill-prepare for Monday, and the general emotional stress that is being the sole-provider for Mom and I.

Two things have been eating away at my Blog time:

1) New Job

Friday, I received a call from the employment agency – they had a position that fit my experience and abilities.

It was odd to hear her explain it, as she kept using the term “Excel Expert.”

Now, I consider myself an intelligent person, but merely a Jack of All Trades.  Basically, Master of None.

One thing that comes with being an Admin (I miss my Majordomo title!) is being flexible.  So as far as software goes, I am mostly self-taught and therefore I know them to the extent of which I have used them – both personally and professionally.  If I have a task in say Excel that I am not sure of, I will fiddle and look up Help or internet questions if necessary, and I will figure it out.

Hands on is how I learn best.  I will learn more doing it myself than I ever will listening to a lecture or even someone showing me.  Kind of like driving…  I am ten times more likely to remember how to get somewhere if I drive.  Adversely, I am even more likely to remember how to get somewhere if I get lost first and have to re-find my way.  heh

But I have never considered my an Expert.  An Expert in sticking my foot in my mouth?  Sure!  But that would be like someone calling me a Shaman Expert or a WoW Expert or a Lore Expert.  No, I know how to look stuff up, that is all.  I have a drive to learn answers to questions I find pertinent.  I do not believe that qualifies me as an Expert.

Anyway, she kept using that title “Excel Expert” to explain the job to me.  As in, “They are looking for an Excel Expert.”  I figured since they had tested my Excel skills, they must apparently know better than me, so I went along.

Then, she mentioned AutoCAD.

Now, I usually considered myself a quick learner – I picked up on writing Wikis and HTML and Dreamweaver and Blogging all fairly quick.  (I still have to cheat and Google HTML tags on occasion.)  I learned our new software at Girl Scouts quicker than most, to the point where I often received calls on how to do something or how I did X or Y.

But once again, my self-defeating nature pops up and whispers, “WTH makes you think you can just pick that up like nothing, enough to BS your way through a full-time job even?”

I had my interview on Monday.  30 minutes of him showing me what AutoCAD looks like, and fumbling around at trying to cut and paste out of AutoCAD.  The Windows XP threw me off – the matching Paint even moreso.  :/  You cannot do anything with that version of Paint, ugh.  So I told him what my intention was, and mentioned I would see if it were possible to download a newer version of Paint or get some free program that was similar.

All my Tweeps and Facebook friends were very good in helping me decide on Gimp.  🙂  Now I have something to use both at work and at home.  Yay!

I had never even opened AutoCAD previous to Tuesday morning.  Monday was the most I had previously seen of the program and there was no hands on for me.  So that was quite a treat.  It has the most interesting means of navigation I have seen.  To move around the screen requires a complicated dancing of zooming in and out.  Once I got used to it, I realized it had its own special type of logic that is difficult to explain, and thus I will spare you all.

At the end of my first day, my manager was showing me to the time clock (yup, a good ol’  ker-chunking manual time clock), and he explained to me that the last guy hired for what I was doing was a twenty-something just out of college.  He worked four days, and in all that time the poor thing could not even figure out how to navigate AutoCAD.  So with a smile he concluded, “You accomplished more in your first half hour today than he did in all that time.”

I did not really have a reply to that.

By Wednesday night (the end of my second working day), I realized that I would have the ledger I was working on done by the following afternoon.  I was not immediately sure whether to be excited or dreadful of this revelation.  So I decided to bring it up to my manager Thursday morning.

He laughed at me (well, he laughed anyway).  “No worries, I have plenty more where that came from.”  Yay!  I did not work myself out of a job!

And as it turns out, he has been tasking me with other, similar jobs.  Friday morning, he was like, “I need an AutoCAD expert…”  I glanced around.  “That is you,” he replied with a grin.  I nodded and smiled back.

Glad to be working again.  However, this has been a long week, and I am glad it is the weekend!  I am also looking forward to getting back into a schedule (including a sleep schedule!).

2) Laz

Laz and Effy ❤

And here is the half that becomes a bit more sticky to explain.

It has been about a month now that RL Laz and I have been talking again.  It started with a most embarrassing of mistypes.  Laz’s real name is quite similar to that of another friend of mine, and late late one night, I mistyped my friend’s name and emailed Laz.  Well, Laz replied, and mentioned he had followed my email signature’s link to my Blog – ultimately discovered both Lazheward and Skeiron.

<furiously blushes>

Luckily, he found it more amusing than anything.  Phew.

So for a few weeks, we chatted and caught up.  It was like picking up where we left off, other than the catch up part.  We chatted on Gtalk and the phone and through texting.  We chatted at work and at home (well, him at work).  We chatted about WoW and SWTOR (which Laz is currently playing).  We chatted about past and current raiding.

Laz has been raid leading and healing (yes, I had a hand in the healing 😀 ) over on SWTOR.  <tries to remain modest>

I was shocked.  Laz was always a tank, both when I played with him and back when he played his Warrior in BC.  He DPS’s on occasion, especially with his Hunter who has followed him around since the original Vanilla Beta.  But healing was something Laz never did until I asked him to tag along with Caeridwen and keep her alive.  So he picked up Shaman healing with an old toon he had PvP’d with heavily in Vanilla.  Basically, he taught me how to tank and I taught him how to heal, and at one point those two were beginning to gain on Laz and Effy in progression through ICC.  (Until Cata, and starting all over again.)

Ahh, memories.

Last Friday, when I got home from the craziness of “OMG, I am starting a job on Monday, and I have to go fill out the last few pieces of paperwork,” Laz asked me (hypothetically, of course) what he should play IF he came back to WoW.  Hypothetically.

Oh no, don’t you go playing with me like that!

We started chatting about it – hypothetically, of course…  The idea of leveling a brand new character – Mages, Shaman, Rogues, Warlocks, and Paladins were all thrown around and discussed in their current state.  The idea of moving one of his past characters from Eonar – where we had eventually moved all his toons which had once been scattered on other servers and/or opposite factions.  And of course, we talked of Lazheward, the Pally.

I feel it necessary to state at this point there was zero talk of raiding, and with both of us already raiding 2-3 days per week, I was good with that.

He even twisted my arm about sending him a Scroll of Resurrection.  (Okie, so it was not too hard of a twisting.)  But just in case he hypothetically decided to reactive his account.

A short time later, I believe I was creating auctions on my Druid, Laz randomly told me, “Well, it’s done.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“I reactivated my account,” he replied.

“Oh?”  What happened to hypothetical??

Reactivating his account – and deciding it was Laz, the Pally, he would be resurrecting – also meant some work on my part.  Namely, I had to do something with my Lazheward, so original Laz could have his name when he arrived on Elune.

It is amazing how I can complicate things without meaning to.  🙂

My Lazheward got a rename (and a sex change – again).  So my main Pally is now Aerora.  That meant I had to delete my Level 22 Pally so I could steal her name.  (Which means if I do not stop slacking, I am likely to end up with a negative update for April’s 2012 in 2012!  D: )

After work, Laz transferred his Pally and filled out a Social App for Undying Resolution.  My intentions were to keep his WoW gameplay low-stress, as his raid leading on SWTOR has led to a noticeably anxious Laz whenever he logs on there.  So a social situation – no pressure, no stress, no commitment – was my aim until Laz decided exactly what he wanted to do.

Because what good is gaming when it stresses you out to log on?  D:

Laz called me and immediately started giving me a hard time about the name thing, very suddenly and seemingly random.  It did not take me long to get out of him that his name was not working.  Apparently, even though my Lazheward was gone, the name was still unavailable.  He ended up putting in a ticket, to see about the length of the reset of names, and temporarily named his Pally Lazhewerd.

(At one point I joked that him using a different name meant I did not really need to rename my Pally…  JK!  Talk about confusing to see Lazheward and Lazhewerd running around together.  Come to think of it that would be too much like wearing cutesie matching T-shirts.  lol)

Laz was wearing his Tier 11 raiding gear (mostly iLvl 359).  So that night, we crafted him the iLvl 377 PvP.  (Sure, sure, give me hell, but anyone wanting to harass Laz over that had to argue with their healer.  hehe   And I knew we would get him gear from the quests in the three Hour of Twilight dungeons, if nothing else.  I knew the gear would go fairly fast.)

First off, we did some BGs.  They were mostly… not worth commenting on… but we did win a few, and there was Honor earned.

Then, we did the Hour of Twilight dungeons.  As I had figured, Laz earned a few pieces right off.  In one night, he gained about 20 iLvls, and we both felt pretty accomplished.

I kind of figured with both of us raiding, that would about the end of it…

~ Effy

<To Be Continued?>

Effy waiting "patiently" while Laz crafts some gear for his first few Hour of Twilight dungeons.



  1. Grats on the job 🙂

    As for the other bit, I and no doubt several others that I can think of will be watching this space with interest 😀

    On the topic of:

    “Come to think of it that would be too much like wearing cutesie matching T-shirts. lol”

    My husband and I have identical rogues, both freckled green haired little monsters. His is called Lylabean and mine is called Lylobean. From being accused of being multi-boxers and hacking the game it has caused no end of amusing situations. I’ve had a few of his whine whispers from angry lv 1s and vice versa. I also have to farm double the transmog gear because he’s lazy…. Not sure he’d stretch to wearing matching t-shirts in RL though. Might threaten it next time he won’t get his own gear.

    It does seem to cause a lot of confusion but then that was really what we were aiming for so I suppose we can’t complain.

    • Thanks, Erinys! It is pretty exciting! 😀

      I think that is a great idea… lol Next time you are stuck farming for him, not only should you make him wearing matching T-shirts, but also go do something with you that you want to do and he usually would not. 😉

      ~ Effy

  2. OMG! Autocad! How I loath thee! But you are right, it has a logic all its own. Big Grats on the new job, and the other development, very, very, interesting I will be staying tuned!

    • Consider that ‘ removed. Its own, sorry I’m going crazy here trying to edit that, lol!

      • Updated! No worries, I know exactly what you mean. 🙂

        ~ Effy

    • Thanks!

      And I know, pretty exciting… it is like RL Laz and Effy! (I am so glad he is amused by my blog!) >< lol

      ~ Effy

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