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A World Without Copy+Paste and Other Random Tuesday Musings

The title comes from a profound random thought I had while working today and shared on Twitter:

What a truly dark place the world would be without copy+paste… I shudder to think.

My writing time has become very limited lately.  I promise I am working literally all the things I have been promising soon©.  I have a number of short stories in the works and some lore pieces, and among that trying to keep up with what is current in the Blogosphere.

So in an attempt to kind of catch up, I have decided to brain-dump on you all.  🙂

Oh No He Di’int

I was shocked and a little irked to see the reason for JD Kenada’s post this morning about some negative response to the recent Mog Madness.

I am admittedly a tad annoyed by elitists and their insistence on bringing down those they do not consider “on their level of play.”  I am a raider, and I consider myself a fairly good healer and “avoiding all the things on the floor” raider.  I have raided in some moderately progressive guilds.  But I have no interest in a guild that puts raiding above their people being social and enjoying the game, or one that would tell me what race/class I have to play to participate.  Go stuff it.

So on that same account, I dislike even the idea that transmog is now creating the “casuals” and the “elitists.”  That just makes me sick to my stomach.  C’mon now, this is a “fluff” portion of the game – get over yourselves already.

Come MoP, I already see the possibility of elitist “Pokemon” guilds.  ><  Sheesh.

I personally plan to put together a good majority of the outfits I have showcased so far on my Blog.  Some will never again see the light of day, though.  But when I put an outfit together, to showcase it, it is honestly my preference for it to be through MogIt.  MogIt has a non-distracting grey-black background, and this is perfect for highlighting the outfit, and not the distracting scenery that may even alter the true color of the outfit (AKA Ebonhold, most of BC, lava areas, etc.)

Sure, having an “action” shot is great, but then you have a whole other take on the outfit.  MogIt is more visually objective – it does not insert any opinion, just the outfit.

I also agree with many of the comments – Mog Madness in its purpose was about 5 quickly executed rounds of outfits.  Two weeks for the first round was more to get as many as who wanted to participate into the fun.  After that, it was one week each – one maybe two raid cycles (since Tuesday was in the middle) depending on what and where and how quickly you put the outfit together.

That is not enough time to farm an outfit!  Some of the pieces, sure, but not all.  Especially for those of us on the bad side of the RNG Monster.

Everyone is being so nice about the comments made.  Well, maybe I have my own evil streaks, but Mog Madness was about showcasing creativity under some limited time constraints.  And it was above all for FUN!  I regret anyone who did not have fun or thought the judging harsh or unfair.  But if someone did not like the Mog Madness idea – that is fine!  Make your own contest!  I encourage it, in fact.

But that does not give anyone the right to strut around like a barnyard rooster (word edited for the viewing of all reading audiences) and name themselves better.

Mog Madness – Results and After Thoughts

Along those same lines, much like JD, I also have some parting thoughts in regard to Mog Madness.

I feel so honored that JD asked me to participate.  I took the task very seriously, and spent more than a month’s worth of weekends locked away at my computer judging the outfits submitted for the contest.  Every single one of them was unique and showed great time and effort placed, and in that regard, I would have felt like I was cheating every single one of them to not look upon them with thorough care.

I tried to make sure I was as honest with the contestants as I was with myself, which at some points might have come across harsh or nit-picky.  I truly hope no one took offense to any of my comments.  I merely reviewed each outfit of its own merit, and looked at them as I would fine art…  How did my eyes flow across?  What seemed to break that flow or look out of place?  What was the intention of the Round?  How much time and effort was put into making items match, both colors and textures?  Was a great deal of the outfit all taken from one game set?  Were their any truly unique looking pieces used?  Could I picture this character’s story straight from the outfit presented?

It was tough to judge this contest.  Most of the Rounds took me several hours of judging, including the last round.  I dare say I spent more time judging over past several weeks than creating outfits or leveling.

Lastly, congrats to all our contestants, and especially to Tolbi, our winner!

D3 feedback

I was kind of disappointed to see that many of those in the blogging community did not have the same initial “OMG!” to actually playing the Diablo 3 Beta that Laz and I did.  Both of us come for similar gaming backgrounds, but the big difference is that Laz was huge into Diablo and Diablo 2.  He has been talking highly of this game since I have known him.

So it went without saying that I would be dragged along for the ride.

Little did I know how much I would enjoy it!  Especially after my first character spent her first five levels or so causing me great grief in controls that were starkly different than I am used to.

My multi-player gaming started on first person shooters, and so it is with no regret I admit that I am still partially a keyboard-turner.  These days I use a strange combination of mouse and keyboard navigation and mouse and keyboard clicking.  W-A-S-D is what wears out first on my keyboards, especially the W from when I do not wish to auto-run (which usually leads to me running unintentionally into something… usually something bad).

Feel free to wax on all the bonuses of mouse navigation in WoW, but do realize I can be quite stubborn and I have zero intentions of changing my play style.  🙂

Anyway, once the Open Beta weekend opened up for D3, Laz and I jumped right in.  After five or so levels on my original character, starting a new one with Laz was slightly easier in terms of movement and interaction.  (I am still catching myself right-clicking NPCs and firing random resource-consuming abilities at them.)  However, with Laz leading the way, and myself having more time to study my movement and use abilities to see what they did as much as to kill stuff, I quickly changed my view from frustrated to “OMG, fun!”

Laz and I spent nearly every waking minute this past weekend that D3 was up playing.  We blew through it, and blew up lots of mobs and various world objects.  We went through the limited gaming and levels available numerous times with numerous combinations and many times with UR guildies.  In fact, we even took one of our guildies from frustrated in a similar manner to my own initial frustration, to quite enjoying herself.

That felt good.  🙂

But at the end of the weekend (which was admittedly full of Beta bugs), I saw a lot of negativity from the blogging community about D3.  It is too much like D1 & D2?  It is supposed to be!  It is intended to be an updated version of its predecessors, with new storyline!  It is too buggy/You could not connect all weekend?  It is a BETA!  What part of BETA is hard to understand??  Laz and I ran into disconnects and bugs and times we could not connect, but that comes with Beta.  D3 is quite polished, actually.  This past weekend was for them to start slowly testing their server capacity – and as expected, there were bumps.

Oh, and on a related note, Laz and I have decided on our D3 toons: a Barbarian and a Demon Hunter.  Let the carnage ensue!  (Well, in about two weeks…)

My poll results

A while back, I posted a poll about I should write about next.  Well, the results were quite interesting:

More outfits came out on top, which I suppose should not surprise me.  I imagine with the popularity of transmog, that is how most people find my blog.  I feel I have also built a bit of a repertoire with my outfits and that people enjoy them.  So I am always happy to oblige in this respect.

The top lore idea was the Old Gods.  This means more to come on Maeyv and Aerora.  Maybe even a dedicated post on what we currently know about the Old Gods and what is speculated thus far (expanding on my Mog Madness Round 5 announcement post).

The Curse of the Flesh is also high on the list.  I am actually contemplating a series of posts about the evolution of the various races of Azeroth.  So hopefully I can get the first in that series finished and posted in the near future.

Ahh, the Qiraji.  I am so enamored with these big bugs.  I definitely feel they deserve their own post.  Whether it is a straight lore post or I find some way to work them into a story will remain to be seen for now.

Next is Illidan and Maiev.  Illidan is probably the most loved WoW character, even for being a “bad guy.”  It is pretty exciting to see him in the 4.3 dungeon Well of Eternity.  Maiev is an interesting character in her own respect.  Her story after Illidan is continued in the book Wolfheart, for those interested.

The last item before “Anything” is short stories, another staple of my blog and my writing preference.  As for these, I promise I have two stories that are almost done!  (Both about Laz and Effy.)

A Fond Farewell to Mr. Amateur <salute>

The last thing I wanted to make comment on is the retirement of our own dear JD Kenada from WoW.

I was shocked to find out JD has never killed the Lich King, especially considering this was my first outstanding accomplishment as a WoW player.  But I know there are far more things to do in WoW other than raid, so I suppose it should not surprise me how many of my blogging friends do not raid.

Upon finding out this interesting piece of information (on top of the sad part of JD’s soon departure), I emailed JD and told him I would like to help with this quest to kill the Lich King.  Similarly, I persuaded Laz to assist as well.

The plan is a start to finish run through ICC (either 10man or 25man depending on turnout) starting at 8:30pm EST on April 28th.  That is this Saturday night.

Being the mogger I am, I would also love for those in attendance to “dress for the occasion.”  Both Laz and I will be attired in ICC-appropriate gear, and everyone is encouraged to do the same, or wear your favorite transmog!  (Gotta look good for that Kill Shot!)

For any interested, please contact JD or myself.  RealID or Battletag information will be necessary for invites.

Effraeti: Effraeti#1609 or romanjk@gmail.com

~ Effy


  1. JD Kenada

    Always count on you for the kind words. 😉

    I’ve never been into the Diablo series though friends of mine (also in the Azeroth retirement home these days) RAVE about the second one. Then again, I never played any of the Warcraft games either. Mostly because I suck at RTS games (if Warcraft is turn based, I’ll feel even more the fool). I know these gentlemen will get the game, as will my son’s godfather and perhaps I’ll watch them play one day just to see what it’s all about…maybe even multiplayer.

    Let me just say I don’t think the comments directed our way were AT ALL elitist in their intent or delivery. As Ironyca even said on my blog, she doesn’t like being thought of as elite in the first place. But to the best of my knowledge Keelhaul doesn’t wander around with the “my stuff don’t stink” attitude (though others might be more expert in this area than I). I gave my thoughts on the matter, but either I’m too laid back -which is hardly the case when I’m passionate about something- or everyone else is much more aggravated about the whole thing than I am.

    As for the contest itself, if you recall, it was our blogging “beat that” joking that started the whole contest in the first place. That’s also the reason I approached you with the idea. Honestly, if you would have rather taken part then I never would have thought of Tome’s amazing graphic work or asking her to judge as well and I would’ve burned out and the contest wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun. The two of you are just as much of Mog Madness as I am.

    Finally, Saturday night. I said it in my own blog, but I’ll say it again here. Thanks for this. I think it’s a great idea, and should be a plethora of fun. I’m looking forward to running with so many people…I honestly have my own ideas heading into the night, but I’ll save those for after the fact…maybe. Honestly, I’m gearing myself up for a few hours of overtime and then logging on around noon Eastern and just going gaga in Azeroth for my final day. Now if @#^$ Murmur would drop the robe I want for my outfit Saturday night I’d be MUCH happier.

    Thanks again Effy, I really mean that.

    • Ahh, I miss the “one-upping.” 😉 You and I are so good at that… outfits, music, whatever. Always good fun. In fact, I challenge you, sir! I am not sure to what, but since I challenge, you go first. Preferably something trangmog related!

      And no need to thank me, I could not bring myself to call you my friend were I not willing to jump at the chance to assist in this most important of accomplishments. It seems the very least I can do. 🙂

      As for the WoW Factor item, perhaps it was not meant in an elite manner, but still – the contestants and judges put a lot of time and effort into Mog Madness. Having that effort belittled is not something I take lightly. With longer rounds, sure, we probably could have asked for “live” screenshots, but that would have excluded some of our contestants, I am sure. I know that for rounds 2-5 *I* did not have time to farm all my pieces… The Marrowstrike set was the one I tried the hardest to farm, and I ended up a polearm short… the piece necessary for the outfit. lol

      It would have completely changed the dynamics of the contest.

      I do not have anything against WoW Factor, even though I do transmogging completely different than they do. Why can’t WoW Factor and Mog Madness both be equal but different means for showcasing and participating in this popular WoW feature?

      It may not have been an elitist statement, but that is how it comes across.

      ~ Effy

      (Here I go being all equal-opportunity offender again. heh)

      • JD Kenada

        She who lays forth the challenge must set the challenge lest it not be a challenge but a mere glove across the face. At which point…

      • Done… see this morning’s post. 😉

        ~ Effy

  2. I find this post to be very inflammatory towards the whole Mog Madness/WoW Factor issue. I also continuously find JD trying to dam in the counter-negativity, and I’m very thankful that he is doing that, otherwise I’d have to, but his voice counts for more in this matter.

    Several people posted on JD’s post about being offended without even having listened to the segment, I really wish there had been a transcript of those few minutes presented in JD’s post.
    I also really hope you listened to the 2 min segment before posting this, did you?

    The whole elitist interpretation is not a view anyone in the WoW Factor team is supporting. I can not repeat that enough.

    • JD Kenada

      Originally I was going to post a transcript of the “incident” as it’s basically known as at this point. I refrained, mainly because I wanted people to hear it. Seeing it in text opens it up to how you perceive it to have been said and I think that would have made the reaction even worse. To me, listening to it was important.

      As you can see Effy did adjust her statement in her reply to me regarding the elitist thing and honestly I think it’s the community labeling you guys as such because you’re so good at what you do. I recognize it’s not a label your asked for or wanted, and getting piggybacked with that term, in this game, carries a great deal of reputation and quite often it’s negative, so I don’t blame you in the slightest.

      Honestly, I think many people are doing what I did the first time I heard it and that’s responding with a knee jerk reaction (I’m not saying Effy did that here). I did…but then I listened to it a few times and thought on it for a few hours before I commented. I don’t fault anyone for their reaction, it’s just a case where I think people are responding too quickly based on their emotions – specifically the passion for our contest…which while incredibly flattering is not something I want to see become a war of words or us versus them so to speak.

      • My response was no knee-jerk, it was honest. And yes, I have watched/listened to the cast. I do not like feeling our contestants were viewed as “lesser” moggers because of time constraints on their entries. And I will fiercely defend that position.

        I do not know Keelhaul at all – my entire view of him is now based on those tactless comments.

        I also hardly know anything about Ironyca, as I only know her from her blog which is mostly outfits. I have absolutely no issues with Ironyca, as I do not believe she she said anything negative, in fact I believe she did try to move the conversation back into a more positive direction. (And yay! to Kamalia for the positive plug!)

        Ironyca, I appreciate that you are stepping forward in this manner, but it seems odd that you are defending Keelhaul, instead of him.

        ~ Effy

      • @Eff
        The reason Keelhaul isn’t commenting here, or on JD’s post, is because I suspect he doesn’t know about it. I’ve been of the belief that I could deal with this well enough based on the fact the segment ends with Keel gaining a better understanding of what Mog Madness was about, at least based on what I tried to convey.

        I transcribed the final 45 seconds:
        Ironyca: […] It has a different target in a way.

        Keelhaul: I think that’s a good point. It’s a fair point. ‘Cause that sort of stuff goes on in the DA forums as well. Tmaralee, I know, is probably gonna be emailing me now like “thanks”. *laughs* And I haven’t spent enough time really checking it out, but it’s totally a fair point. It actually is, it’s a good point.

        Ironyca: I think, yeah, to say one more thing, I think the point is not to bring it into the game, just to say, “what can we get out of what actually exists, theoretically”.

        Keel basically concludes that his judgement was based on a lack of understanding, that’s how I understood his final words. I think of this as a done with matter, it was dealt with during the WoW Factor stream, the criticism was not left echoing. In fact, based on the above, you could even say it ended on a positive note.

        I understand and empathize with the offense, it’s natural to want to defend what you hold dear. However, as Keelhaul clearly reconsidered his first statement, I don’t see myself defending him, but rather emphasizing the progression in the conversation.

      • Ironyca,

        That is fair. I suppose I may have been listening less by that point and off on a mental tangent, as I recall when you mentioned Kamalia it caught me by surprise. I greatly appreciate your clarification in the matter, and I hope you did not take anything I said as aimed towards you, as that was not intended.

        ~ Effy

    • I certainly know you’re not an elitist, absolutely, positively. Yours were some of the first kind words to a timid beginner blogger, besides I’ve been to one of your events and hope to attend more.

      There is no right way or wrong way to do any of the things we love in WoW and I did understand what he meant. His personal preference is viewing “live” outfits which is fine, but wouldn’t have worked for Mog Madness and thank you for stepping in at the point in question to explain what Mog Madness was about.

      It is very hard for me NOT to think of someone who amassed millions of gold like Keelhaul as being elite, lol, so JD is correct about how we get labels we don’t really want.

      Anyway, I’m flattered he knew about us and you give Elford a hug from Ironsally. If people could see what Elford is wearing for gear there’d be no question of elitism!

      • Thank you, Ancient. As usual, you have the positive point of view in light of everyone. ❤

        ~ Effy

      • Oh, I just saw your comment about not having a Horde character high enough 😦

        I am definitely going to make the Horde Kara group as 7:00 I should still have in my contacts. If it rains a lot Friday I might make the Get Arthas one, hope so!

      • Yah, my Tauren Pally is still in her 40’s, and if I felt I had the time, I am sure I could level her to at least 70, but ah well.

        Damn that Laz guy, taking all my free time. 😉

        ~ Effy

  3. I already said my piece about JD’s post “What did he say?” so I won’t go into it further here. I wish I could come to ICC! But I am a big hooved creature 🙂 and hopefully I can make it to the cocktail party before the big party 🙂

    My blog life would be 200x harder without cut and paste. I use it at least 10 times each post.

    And Elite does not necessarily mean Elitist 🙂 But you know that as well as I 🙂

    • Indeed. And perhaps I was quick to label, but having myself and my friends belittled for having fun is something I do not sit down for.

      I wish you could come to the ICC run! And likewise, I wish I had a Horde high enough to attend Karazhan! (I love that place.)

      ~ Effy


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