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Mini-Post: Working for a Living

When the economy tanked and foreclosures and unemployment were running amok, Michigan was one of the states hardest hit.  I personally can attest to this on the accounts of my mom who is yet unemployed, my baby brother who moved out of state to find a job, and my own experiences in the recent years.

Well, apparently Michigan has finally made the turn from an employer market to an employee market, which is exciting for those looking for jobs.  It is also exciting for me, because I love my home state and I would be saddened to leave it strictly based on a job.

Not that I currently have that choice, as it would be amid much kicking and screaming to move my mom.  Heck, I can barely get her out of Livingston County.  😉

So along that line of thought, here are two great articles I wanted to share in regards to having a job:

8 Qualities of Remarkable Employees

8 Signs That You Have a Remarkable Boss

~ Effy

And I leave you all with some Deadmau5.  I was surprised to see I had not yet put any Deadmau5 on my Techno page!


  1. Beau de Noir

    – Thanks for the links, I have never thought I will ever read something so real-life-related on a wow bolg:)

    • So glad to bring you some helpful information (even from such an unexpected place)! 🙂

      ~ Effy

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