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Hunters by the Horde

Tomorrow is JD’s send off from WoW, and after looking at the list on attendees for both Karazhan (on Horde) and ICC (on Alliance) I realized that the Karazhan run would be my only chance to run with one of my favorite Tauren – Navimie!

So first, I posted my epiphany to Twitter:

Okie, so I just dropped a bomb on Laz about transferring toons to Horde, so I can go to Karazhan w/JD @Ancient8 @NavimieDruid #candidcamera

Followed shortly after by a conversation with Laz resulting in:

@NavimieDruid @Ancient8 Yup, looks like just me (Laz has a lot less toons heh), but probably my Hunter. Suggestions of a server? 🙂

So, moving my Hunter Vaadaree to Horde…

Later in the evening, during raid breaks, I began to ponder a Hunter race:

Okie, Twitter, I need your help! What Horde race should I faction transfer my Hunter to?

Each race was tossed around in turn, and each was pondered…

I not real fond of the idea of a Goblin, because I seem to have a negative association with Goblins – I enjoy too much listening to them die in PvP.  Being happy to hear my own character die seems counterproductive.  :/

An Undead is not out of the question, they have good racials, but they are not very attractive…

Blood Elves are great transmog characters, of which I have none at high level.

Tauren seems a solid choice.  The female Tauren are growing on me (perhaps because I have so many blogging friends who use theirs as transmog models).  🙂

Orcs have great racials for being a Hunter.  Hmm…

Then, there was a race in the back of my head that did not come up over Twitter or in other conversation, but I am thinking might be perfect – a Troll.  They have great racials.  In fact, a Troll could be blue-skinned and therefore keep my Hunter’s name Vaadaree, which I am quite fond of.  (In fact, it almost became Effy’s new name when Laz and I left Trollbane to go to Eonar.)

So a few important factors to consider in this change:

  1. Vaadaree means “blue” – to keep the name, I really should keep the skin color, but a new name is not completely out of the question.  I could always make another Draenei.  heh
  2. MUST!  Whatever race I choose has to look good in my Lorence Set and the half-Lorence Set Vaa is currently wearing.
  3. MUST!  Obviously, if my Hunter is wearing my Lorence Set, she has to look good running around with Lorence.

Time for a Horde Hunter fashion show!

Female Draenei Hunter - Front

Female Draenei Hunter - Back

Windrunner's Bow

Vaadaree – Lorence Set

And now to see both that outfit (on the right) and the pieces I have thusfar (on the left) on each of the Horde races.







It is so hard to decide!  But I must.  And therefore… Troll Vaadaree it is!

~ Effy

*Vaadaree waves goodbye to everyone*

Welcome to your new home! Ready for Karazhan, all!

Final Thoughts: I have a confession – Vaadaree has been a Troll before.  So my final decision my have been a tiny bit biased by that.  ><

And also, the more I see those boots, the more I realize they have to go…  <jumps back into MogIt>


  1. /wave Vaadaree! See you soon, Sasche

    • Can’t wait for tomorrow! *squee!*

      ~ Effy

  2. Hehe, not the choice I personally tweeted, but she makes a great Troll!

    • I looked real hard at all the races, all the outfits, all the racials… I decided I like my Undead better as my wee Warlock. (In fact, I need to finish Silverpine on her!)

      ~ Effy

  3. Ya mon, de troll be de best choice. Tho de tauren, that’s not bad, not bad at all.

    • Dat be a good accent ye got dere, mon – one even ol’ Vol’jin be proud of!

    • LOL Kamalia – /hugs to my Tauren sister
      Taurens aren’t half bad at all /grin – why they’re my favourite race /ponders why 😀

      • *gasp* I never knew! 😉

        ~ Effy

  4. JD Kenada

    Based on gear, my first thought was Forsaken before I even saw any of the screenshots. I still stand by that decision.

    Also, could’ve gone to Blade’s Edge to join Saintvache (briefly), Mrs. Amateur, Towachi, and Reluctant Raider in Myth. They’re even looking for peeps at the moment.

    • What can I say, even as Horde, I like to be blue. (Or have a tail!) 🙂

      ~ Effy

      • JD Kenada

        …there’s a blue tinted Forsaken if I recall.

      • But da Trolls, mon! They got da voodoo!

        ~ Effy

      • JD Kenada

        Hey, I got nothing against Trolls. Despite having only 30 levels between two toons, I’m quite fond of the race.

  5. Welcome to our side 🙂
    I wish i could go with you guys but I think I might be out at the time… what time is it on?

    • Karazhan is at 7pm EST tomorrow. 🙂

      ~ Effy

  6. Woot! I’m so thrilled to be able to play with Vaadaree! Now that’s dedication 🙂 I even told one of my friends you did this and they were like “Why would you waste money doing that?” to which replied “If you go out for drinks with a friend, how much does that cost? More than a damn faction transfer I’m sure!”

    And when I saw that Vaadaree was yet another space goat, I had a heavy suspicion that a blue troll would be your choice… and I was correct!

    ❤ Effy! can't wait till tomorrow 🙂

    • Yah, I have been thinking I am overdue for a high level Horde character anyway. This way I can be more participatory in other Horde events later down the line as well. 🙂

      Yup! Vaadaree is still blue! I am kinda sad she no longer has a tail, though. 😦 I need to work on leveling my Tauren Pally, Vianessa.

      *jumps up and down in circles with Navi, squeeing happily*

      Less than 12 hours! 😀

      ~ Effy

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