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Mog Busting – Kaprikka the Mage

Ooohh, a transmog meme!  I think this Mog Busting idea that Shoryl of Tiny WoW Guild introduced is just an awesome idea!  I was even more excited when I was tagged by Kamalia!

I tag Effraeti to create an outfit for my Draenei Mage, Kaprikka, using the Soulcloth Vest & White Swashbuckler’s Shirt .

Kaprikka is quite young, for an adult Draenei; she was born in Farahlon a few decades after the Draenei settled on Draenor. She may have been one of the apprentices Kaelinda befriended during her disguised tour of the Alliance capitals, and Kaprikka and Kaelinda may yet become fast friends under the auspices of the Shattered Sun on Quel’Danas. She adores children. Perhaps what she needs is an attractive (yet modest — hence the shirt) dating outfit to help her catch the eye of some young Draenei buck, so that she can eventually get married and have children of her own?

Kaprikka is currently level 60 and I doubt that I will ever raid with her. However, raid gear from anyplace that you predict will be easily soloable by a Mage at level 90 is fair game.

And so, I set off to create something beautiful for Kaprikka!

My own Draenei Mage, Kiiræ was only too happy to receive a haircut and horn alter to assist me with this.  She saw it as a service in the name of making Draenei women everywhere beautiful and well-coordinated.

I know, I know!  I used those pants again!  But they are great pants that go so perfect with this shirt!  I must farm those pants for all my clothies…

This chest/shirt combo was fun to work with!  I was surprised to find some completely unrelated but well-matching pieces.  I liked being able to easily repeat the purple and teal throughout the entire outfit.  All in all, I think this a modest but fun outfit that still says “Mage” but also “Draenei.”

The only piece that might be a challenge is the shoulders.  They drop in 25man Naxx, off the very first boss.  The reason I still included them is because Anub’Rekhan was a pushover at Level 80, and I imagine at Level 90 he will likely be soloable.  If not, hit me up and we will run in there and squish him!

I hope Kaprikka finds it to be good for some extra confidence to start a conversation with just the right man, too!  Be bold!

Female Draenei Mage – Front

Female Draenei Mage – Back

Engraved Gargoyle Femur

Kaprikka – the Dating Scene Set

Mantle of the Locusts

I like the above shoulders best, but I was saddened to see they clip her tentacles some.  So I fond some alternates, though, I am still most happy with the shoulders above.

Alternate Shoulder Pieces:

Shoulderwraps of the Enthralled

Mantle of the Tempest

Mantle of Wavering Calm

And since I am aware other people like cloaks more than me, I found two cloaks that look really good with this outfit.

Cloak Options:

Periwinkle Cloak

Cloak of Cheerful Flowers

I hope your Draenei enjoys this outfit, Kamalia!

And thank you for introducing this meme, Shoryl!  What a fun challenge!

Tag!  You’re It!

DK Effy

To Continue This Meme Going – Erinys, of the Harpy’s Nest, I choose you!

Your “Palette” – My DK dark half, Effræti!

Some Background and Requests – Feel free to show some skin!  I am fond of the Imbued Plate Armor chestpiece on her, but this is by no means a requirement.  What is far more important with Effræti is her Runeblade!  Either the sword or axe DK weapons from the starter zones, or anything else you can come up with in game that just screams – Runeblade!  Also, I am not fond of covering up my Draenei tails – so an outfit sans cloak is preferable.  🙂

Effræti is most unlike her Shaman other half.  She bold and fearless, and unlike Effy, does not mind showing some skin as she has little concern for modesty or her own well-being.  A former Shaman turned Death Knight, Effræti is brutally to the point and slow to trust, but a fierce companion.

Description from her character page:

“Haughty” is the first word that comes to mind upon seeing this Draenei female, a term that seems foreign in regards to many of her race.  However, on a moment’s further inspection some of the reasoning behind this odd temperament coming from one of such honorable and cheery kin becomes more clear.  Though her complexion is smooth and unblemished, the wicked cast of her glowing, pupil-less blue eyes more clearly reveals the nature of her being – she is an undead.  The blade she caresses, almost anxiously, bears the marks of numerous pulsating runes, the symbolic mark of one who was formerly a hapless thrall to the Lich King.  She is a Death Knight.

Lastly, some more good insight to Effræti – One Woman, Two Timelines, Two Destinies.

I am very curious and excited to see what you come up with, Erinys!  🙂

~ Effy

EDIT: Thank you so much, Erinys!  I am currently working on putting together DK Effy’s outfit!  Hopefully, I can post an update regarding that soon!  🙂


  1. That was a good choice to use the soulcloth vest as the base. I’ve tried to transmog that item before. Those Naxx shoulders look very different on a Draenei though. Love the femur staff too.

    • Yah, Draenei have some far back shoulders and it tends to make them look different.

      I think Kamalia picked a great piece to start this outfit. It was pretty easy to work around. 🙂

      ~ Effy

  2. Oh, wow, she looks gorgeous! And stunning! And beautiful! Thank you!

    Those pants really are fabulous. Looks like Kaprikka had better get her tail into some BGs to start collecting the honour to buy them 😛

    The Shoulderwraps of the Enthralled are my favorite of the alternates you’ve suggested, and, even better, they’re from a quest that Kaprikka hasn’t done yet!

    • Yah, I liked those shoulders because they are small and simple and still look good. Those are the types of shoulders I prefer for an outfit I like to affectionately refer to as a City Set. Basically, an outfit where I can walk around town and blend in – but too much. 😉

      I am soo glad you like it! 😀 *hugs*

      ~ Effy

  3. JD Kenada

    Those pants are your new favourite, aren’t they? (based on this and your Warlock)

    • Maybe just a wee bit. 🙂

      ~ Effy

  4. I like those shoulders, they look really good! Great outfit Effy, Kamalia seems happy!

    • Thanks, Navi! I am happy that she is happy! 😀

      ~ Effy

  5. I have to say that I love the original shoulders, and am sad that they clip her tentacles a touch. One of the things that I like about them is that with the cloak (what Draenei would wear a cloak while chasing a buck, though?) they look like a part of the cloak, rather than shoulders. I really like that. Also, they remind me of the high-collar fashions that have come and gone from the front; which I happen to find quite attractive, personally.

    • Thanks for the comments, Shoryl! I agree, I like the shoulders very much, and how they work with the cloaks. But I am a firm believer in not covering up those cute tails. 🙂

      ~ Effy

  6. I love that top, think it goes really well with the rest of the outfit and with Draeneis too.

    I’ve just got back from a weekend away with limited internet access (flat hunting in the city we’re moving too) but will start thinking about your DK and clothes.

    • Yah, Kamalia picked a fantastic top for me to work with. I think it turned out really well, and I hope Kaprikka finds her beau!

      I look forward to what you come up with! And I hope the flat hunting was successful. 🙂

      ~ Effy

  7. Yay I am glad you continued the chain, hopefully it will get to me eventually- this one seems like it will take a while.

    • Yah, I think this will be a slow moving meme, but totally worth it. Like a linear chain letter, only far more fun!

      ~ Effy


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