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What a Sweet Lil Old Lady

Happy Outfit Friday!  No, I have not forgotten!  See??

This outfit is one I was playing with when I originally worked on my Mage Kiiræ’s outfits a while back.  This outfit was not spec-specific and so at the time did not make the cut.

I thought this outfit would look more appropriate on a elderly looking female human, giving her the lil old lady with the poison apple look.  I think it turned out nicely.

I was especially surprised to find several pieces of similar hue and texture from every expansion of content.  This outfit spans Vanilla, BC, Wrath, and Cataclysm.

~ Effy

Female Draenei Mage – Front

Female Draenei Mage – Back

Brutal Gladiator’s Battle Staff

Kiiræ – Poison Apple Set

Female Human Mage – Front

Female Human Mage – Back

Brutal Gladiator’s Battle Staff




  1. JD Kenada

    Okay, that’s (#2) officially one of the creepiest faces in the game. But that said, damn Effy I love this colour combination. Very well done. Aside from Tum, though, my only other caster of higher than level, oh, 30, is my Human Mage and this doesnt’ quite suit him. Too bad, too. I’d farm this in a heartbeat. Awesome work.

  2. Oh I dunno, I think it’s kinda grandma like! I’ve seen some creepy faces, and there is a BE male one and the orc female one.

    • JD Kenada

      Look at her, make your voice creak as much as possible and utter “hello little girl, want some candy?” and tell me that doesn’t shiver the ever lovin’ bejebus out of you.

  3. Lovely! Damn, just realized I didn’t make the cut of favorite bloggers…oh well, you’re one of mine! Keep creating these beautiful ensembles! Very inspirational!

    • You have no idea how out of date my Blogroll is. :/ I am embarrassed, and this will receive attention shortly.

      You are one of my favorite reads! Google Reader is kind of evil, because I can sneakily read blogs in pieces while doing other things. But it usually results in me forgetting to leave any comments. ><

      ~ Effy

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