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RIP Jessie

RIP 4/1/2000 – 5/4/2012

We interrupt your regularly scheduled mogging and lore for an important announcement.  Last evening, one of my mother’s kitties passed away.  Her name was Jessica, but she was always Jessie.

Jessie was a fierce mouser and a lover of treats.  When not batting around catnip mice or “hiding” in boxes where she seemed to feel most safe to watch the world go by, she was usually curled up on my mom’s arm similar to the pic above.  I took that pic with my camera while my mom was away for the weekend.  She liked to cuddle with arms and had a tendency to lick them until shooed.  (That sand-paper tongue gets uncomfortable after a while.)  She also had a tendency to curl herself around the back of Mom’s neck, like some kind of fancy grey and black scarf.

Last evening, she went to one of her favorite places and went to sleep and did not wake up.

I find this hard, even though she was my mom’s cat, simply because I have known her well these past 12 years.  In fact, it was I who found her as a stray, crying in the parking lot of the Mexican restaurant next to my work.  She was six months old at the time, we later found out.  I could not bring myself to leave her there, and so I took her on my delivery route with me.  She spent the entire day curled up and sleeping on my lap, purring contently.

My boyfriend at the time was deathly allergic to cats, and so this as yet nameless cat went to my mom.  My mom already had another cat, Sabrina, our black cat who is now getting on towards 16, I believe.

Jessie was always a happy and affectionate cat, and I truly hope she is in a better place despite being very missed.

RIP Jessie

~ Effy



  1. I still miss my cat at times even though it’s been about 15 years since she’s been gone. She was around 14yrs at the time. Sorry for your loss =/

  2. Awww I’m sorry about Jessie Effy 😦

  3. Sorry for your loss 😦

  4. Aww. This breaks my heart. My kitty is now 15 and every day I dread coming home and finding her asleep and me not able to wake her up. *hugs*

  5. Skarnu

    Sorry Effy.

  6. euphyley

    RIP Jessie. ='(

    She sounded like a sweet kittie. /hugs

  7. So sorry Effy, and your Mom too. I know how hard it is no matter their age you just aren’t ever ready for it.

  8. Thank you to everyone for the warm thoughts and condolences, both here and on Twitter. They are most appreciated.

    I think the hardest part is that this is my first pet loss as an adult. And now it has me thinking about the fact that Ender will be 11 in July, Sabrina will be 16 in September, and then of course it ultimately makes me think of the eventual loss of my mom…

    I just have to keep telling myself the necessity of such things, and know that it never really gets easier.

    Too much thinking. >< Time to go back to leveling…

    ~ Effy

  9. Avi

    hugs for you – I’m so sorry. 😦

  10. Blake

    Back to the forests of butterflies and streams of tuna you go dearest kitty, may you once again be reincarnated to bring joy to those of our time or those of future generations to come. Yes, you will be missed but just the knowledge that you will be back brings warmth to our hearts and, even in mourning, the slightest smile to our faces.

    R.I.P Jessie “snuggler of arms”

    • What a beautiful sentiment. Thank you, hun. You made me cry again. *sniffle*

      ~ Effy

  11. I know that is so difficult – anyone who has ever had the blessing of the unconditional love of animal knows how heart-wrenching it is to lose them. But the love lives.

  12. My cat Luna died 3 years ago, and while I can’t say I miss her any less now that i did then, I can say you eventually get better at bearing the pain.

    RIP Jessie. Every cat (and every life) is unique.


  1. RIP Sabrina | Awaiting the Muse

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